1st anniversary

Today is Mama Mia’s Page 1st ever anniversary. A year ago, with the motivation from KaDusMama and Just, I officially started Mama Mia’s Page in blogspot. Thank you, guys!

So far, I have managed to publish a total of 153 posts, with average of 2 posts a week. I love blogging and am looking forward for more anniversaries to come. And I hope you will continue to support me.
Hehe..to celebrate this occasion, I am enjoying an Ice-Cream Potong - Red Bean flavor, right now. Happy weekend everyone! Cheers. :)



ok, so may I have the ice cream now?? :)

Waa.....Happy 1st Anniversary....and I loved aiskrim Potong...meh sini sikit...nyum nyum..(just visualising).
Keep on Blogging....3 cheers

Happy 1st Blogversary!! :) Glad to have known you here in the blogosphere. :) Sadap tu ice-cream potong... *tapun* hehe...

reanaclaire ~ wah, so fast la u comment. anyway,tq.

sure,my friend. just give me your address and i'll hv the courier guy send over to u...hehe..

HoneyBuzzin ~ Tq. Aiskrim potong mmg sedap.apalagi klu dimakan masa time cuaca panas ni..

ChocMintGirl ~ ya, glad to know u too.walaupun sekadar di blog sj. wuii..ramai ni peminat aiskrim potong :)

Happy Anniversary Mia! Hahahaha... ada lg ice-cream putung as celebration tu kunun... kakaka...

Congrats! Satu nohh tu aiskrim...?? mana la cukup kita semua ni.. :P


Keep blogging!

happy 1st blogging anniversary!! siok pula kan blogging, itu la sampai bertahan begini lama ^_^

Well congratulations Mama Mia. Here's looking forward to more postings from you :D

happy 1st anny mama mia's page!

Wah..happy anniversary.. heheheee.. ice cream potong? I love it.. lets have some hehehe

So fast 1 year into blogging already ah? Congrats and you deserve a treat!!! :)

Happy 1st anniversary mama mia :-)
like everyone saying...memang sadapp tu ice-cream..i ever bought a box of that flavour and finish it all in one day of course with hubby and kids to help me with it..hehehe

Happy birthday... selamat ulangtahun pertama to Mama Mia's Page!! :)

Minta sikit gia tu aiskrim potong? :D

wahhhhh!!! 1 year sudah mia.. :)
Best kan blogging..
Hope to read more post from u.. :)

Just ~ Tq Just. hehe..sedap bah makan aiskrim time2 cuaca panas ni..

MOB aka Mouren ~ Tq...utk sia saturang sukup la bah, iso noh. :)

InobongProper ~ Tq. Itu suda semestinya..

AnnieMing ~ Tq. Ya bah Annie, nda terasa suda 1 thn pulak...:)

NickPhillips ~ Tq Nick!

CheguCarol ~ Tq very much Chegu!

CAB ~ Tq.Ngam2 sia p jalan d CKS bah,tenampak tu aiskrim, apa lagi bili & trus ngap bah.

MommyAngel ~ ya lor, i almost forgot about it..

Carolyn ~ Tq,Carolyn. Of all the flavor, Red Bean is my fav..

Nessa ~ Trima kasih,Nessa. Aiks sikit ja ko minta? ambil la bah songinan..:)

KaDusMama ~ ya Ty, 1 thn suda. Blogging memang best.. :) Majulah blogging utk negara!

Yeah.. happy anniversary.. *kalu nda terlambat la..hihi :) sya blum lg sampai 1 thn woo.. huahua..

Nadia ~ inda terlambat bah, Tq 2x