The incident at KFC

Have you ever found yourself hungry but don’t know what to eat? Well, I was in that exact situation last night. So, on my way home yesterday’s evening,too malas to think, I went straight to the nearest fast food outlet, KFC. It is the one and only fast food outlet in Donggongon Town. The business must have been good for the owner that he had it close down temporarily for a major renovation. Now the newly renovated KFC Donggongon has expanded to the 1st floor.

I was anticipating a crowded place since it was the end of the month where everybody should have their salary already…hehe. When I reached there, only one 2 of the 5 table at the ground floor was occupied. My friend I had a bad experience dining at the ground floor previously. We were forced to eat our food as quick as possible and in the same time trying hard to chase away the battalion of flies with our hands. As soon as you sat down with your food, the flies will launch their attack, buzzing-in on your food, face, hands, hair. They are everywhere; some are perched quietly on the glass wall waiting for an opportunity to taste the food. Ewgh!

The management does have an equipment that was supposes to ward-off the flies. I have no idea what it’s called but it looks something like an emergency lamp and makes a sound every time a fly get closer. But the thing was only installed at the kitchen while most of them were more interested in the dining area. And the funny thing was, before the renovation, the flies’ problem was almost non-existent. People were happy to dine at the ground floor. Don’t know what’s the problem but this newly renovated outlet seems to attract both customers and flies. I think the management should invest more on the equipment to combat the flies before they scare-off their customers.

Okay, so to avoid the flies, I headed to the 1st floor after grabbing a Snack Plate. Oh my, the staircase was so narrow that there is only space for one-way traffic. If somebody with a tray is heading upstairs then the other who’s coming down will have to stick his/herself at the wall or walk sideways like a crab….hehe. The staircase was also quite steep and it will only be a matter of time that somebody would fall, so I thought. Then, a few seconds later, somebody DID fall. Oh my God! Of all the people, the unluckiest person happened to be..jeng,jeng,jeng….none other than YOURS TRULY!!! CILAKA!!! $H*T!!! I was swearing, cursing endlessly in my heart for my carelessness.KURANG ASAM!!!

I must have thought that the second last step was the last step. When I realized there was another step, it was already too late. I tripped and landed on my knees but still keeping my grip on the food tray. Ya tu dia, Mama Mia terjatuh dengan bergaya sekali..hahahaha. Besides the drink, the food was still inside the tray…only that they had extra-flavouring from the spilled orange. Coleslaw + Mirinda orange, the taste is not that bad.…hehehe..

Lucky me, there were only a group of 4 teenagers dining there. Nobody I know was present.Phew. I heard the girls let out a small cry but that was it, they didn’t bother to get their cute little a$$ off their chairs. Not that I needed any assistance but yeah, if I was an old lady or a pregnant lady, will they bother to help? Forget about the boys (most probably their boyfriends), when I glanced at their table, they were busy indulging on their food as if nothing had happen.

One of the KFC crew was quick to get to my side but not quick enough. By the time he got near, I was already standing, picking up the empty paper cup. But instead of asking if I was okay or not,“Boleh ganti bah tu minuman, nanti sia ambil baru(I’ll get you another drink)"..Huh?!! I was dumfounded because I thought he was going to ask about my condition. I almost laughed at his remark. Blessed the kid, but seriously, after you fall in public, do you still bother about your food or drink? I don’t think so. Had I laugh then, he’d probably thought something was injured in my brain too…LOL.

Thankfully, except for the bruise on my left knee and my dignity, other parts of my body were okay. Nothing the Minyak Batu (Stone Oil) ointment can’t cure. This Chinese ointment really works you know. :) Apply and rub it on the bruise then it’ll stop the bruise from further swelling. Nonetheless, the bruise still hurts but I can walk normally, don’t worry. Looking back at it, I was more embarrassed over the incident than anything else. As I was typing this, I was grinning like an idiot because the incident was well, funny. *smile*


Aduduii Mia. Nasib baik bruise seja. Tp, standard la ba tu.. manada urg mau bother tulung angkat or tnya ok ka nda? Adakah patut dia ckp buli bagi minuman baru.. Ciss..

Kelmarin pun sia pi KFC..tapi d Putatan..napa la kan?...hihihih


I always have phobias going upstairs at KFC with a tray full of stuff ...

OMG!!!! Nasib ko teda apa2..
Bahaya juga tangga dorang ni sampai orang bulih jatuh!!!

alala.. i've seen few people fell on the floor @ kfc before.. mostly because the floor was too slippery.. sa inda sampai hati mau kaC ketawa itu urang tejatuh, but i was really angry with the management.. kesian baitu urang mau makan but tejatuh, manada lagi selera dia, suda la malu, tus dia sakit2 badan lagi.. aih.. but itu krew bah mama mia, ada kaa cakap ganti minuman saja? macam teda soalan lain ja kan..

Alalala.. sampai hati dorg buat ko begitu... Astaga teruk sda ka KFC dongs ni?? bikin kurang selera makan ja kalu byk flies kan :) ya btul tu just ckp.. skrg susah mau cari org gitu, dorg pura2 nda tau spy kita yg jatuh ni nda malu sgt..hihi... :)

Just ~ Nasib baik.Skrg pny urg suma prefer MYOB saja.

pasal minuman tu, betul2 la sia mo terketawa dgr dia ckp mcm tu..klu suda jatuh, sepa la yg concern pasal minuman...ekeke...

MOB ~ ya bah Mouren, wpun jatuh terlutut menyembah simin tp tray tatap maintain mah di tangan..hahahah...

NickPhillips ~ after this incident, i'm gonna have phobias too...:)

KadusMama ~ sukur la Ty, lebam ja. Mmg bahaya tangga durang, suda la curam, sempit lagi anak tangga dia.

AnnieMing ~ itu la Annie, patut dorang pakai la bah tiles yg non-slippery pny kan.

Tu remark psl minuman tu bah, sia rasa mmg tida patut, mcm buduh pny komen baitu.klu sia cedera teruk,mangkali sia marah tu budak, tp since sikit sj, sia malas la mo bising2. :)

Nadia ~ ko suda pernah melawat KFC Dggn yg baru kana renovate ni? Deii..byk butul bah tu lalats, sana sini berterbangan..bikin hilang selera

Ntah la Nadia, sia rasa tebal juga bah muka sia ni bcos slps jatuh pun, sia duduk makan, minum dgn selamba ja..hahaha...Tp harap2 lain kali klu ada urg terjatuh lg, ada la bah urang yg sedia menolong. kesian fall down like that. Hope you didn't get hurt from the fall.

Mummy Gwen, i only got bruise from the fall. Lucky I was climbing the stairs, if the other way around, aiyo, I might end up with serious injuries...

lucu bah cerita ko ni MamaMia... takpe jatuh yg penting jatuh ngan gaya ala2 princes hehehe

Allalaaa.. teruk juga tu.. kesian.I've been there once.. yes I agree about the flies.. masih ada lagi pla dia tu?

MJ ~ wakaka..princess la mangkali.bila sia ingat balik mmg lucu tp time tu mmg malu giler beb

Alv ~ ya..masih ada lagi.harap2 they do something about the flies..tida selesa bah makan dgn lalat2 berterbangan

hahahaha...lucu..tapi siou ah sy ketawa...tapi ada juga kelucuan ni post kau...1st..tiada betul ayat lain yang erpacul dari mulut dia selain mau tukar air minuman ko kan..hahahaha...
2nd..ya minyak batu mimang mujarab...saya ada beli and stok disini..hehehe...ndatau sini ada jual ka nda...

Hehehe..nda pa bah Belle. Sia sendiri pun ketawa bah dgn ni incident especially pasal minuman tu.

nah, terbukti kemujaraban minyak batu. Kalu teda jual sana, mmg kana import la dr sabah nmpknya Belle.

Alala... Kesian ko Mia.. Kalau sia tu tia tau la, mungkin tray pun tia selamat ooo.. Sia rasa patut dorang simpan tu 'caution' punya sign.. eii.. bikin takut, len kali bagus makan di bawah atau tapau ja kan..? Tp kalau banyak lalat, susah juga mau makan di bawah...

Nasib baik lebam ja, ada minyak batu jadi penyelamat..

Hi Mamamia sia paham tu prasaan ko sa pun pernah jatuh "malabuk" cam ko tapi bukan di kfc lah. gara2 slipery floor juga. sa lagi sadis terjatuh yang tempat crowd lagi tu di "Djunction" bukan kana tulung...kana tulung tingu jak adalah.hahahaha kalau sia ingat2 lucu juga bah. anywhere glad u are ok and hopefully the 'bruise' gonna be baik cepat...hehehehe

adididi...tapi sa paham tu prasaan ko mamamia. sia pun pernah juga jatuh di tempat public tapi bukan di kfc lah. sa lagi sandi terlicin di djuntion time2 byk crowd lagi tu jatuh "melabuk" cam tu dugong bah. hahahaha. masa tu teda lah bah yang mo p tulung...durang tulung tingu saja. ada lagi yang sa nampak terketawa. hey memalukan butul. pas tu 6 bulan bah sia tia p tu tempat...kemaluan kan!!! anyway glad u are ok. cheers

Omigawd! So sorry you had a fall! I went to church once, tripped and fell flat on my face and NOBODY bothered to help me up - just gave me scornful looks! In church, mind church!!!

"Bulih ganti bah tu kaki," Nah palis kalo kaki patah begitu kah cara dia mo tanya tuuu... Heh, nasib baik ko di atas sudah. Jaga2 next time. Like my mom dulu tegelincir di Servay Likas, trus itu security panik tapi dia cuma cakap sama kawan dia, "Nah kan, tulah sya bilang 'ini' bikin jatuh bah..." Teda lagi mo tulung atau bilang sorry ka, nanti bring up itu hal sama management ka...

Hey! Thought I commented on this post...but I dun see it anywhere! Hiaz! Internet connection mabuk these days...

Miss Sab ~ ya lor..mmg patuit dorang letak tu 'caution' sign spy urg lebih berjati-hati..

actually, sia pun malas bah mo naik atas tp disebabkan byk butul lalat,sia naik la atas..sekali terjatuh la pulak..cilaka sekali!

Rosc ~ deii..'strategik' jg tmpt ko jatuh..d tmpt yg crowded lg tu..:)

tu la, urg zaman skrg lebih suka pegang prinsip MYOB..kalu jatuh, bangun sendiri la jawab dia.

wah, lama juga ko 'berpantang', sampai 6 that time misti dorang lupa suda tu sepa yg jatuh...

STP ~ also like that? it's bad enough u tripped, why give the scornful look lagi...

Choc Mint Girl ~ kesian your mom. mmg tida patut betul tu security..suda tau 'itu' boleh membawa kemalangan tapi masi juga teda tindakan mo kasi baik..palis2, smpi ada kes yg serius mangkali baru diorang bertindak...

alala Mama Mia,

Nasib baik bruise ja. Lucu juga itu budak KFC siap cakap air buli ganti haha.. anyway, saya pun pernah jatuh tangga di Kotaraya Mall, dekat Watson. Few years back la..before khawin. Adei, bagus lagi ada orang menjerit nampak kau jatuh. Kalau sini KL, diorang tinggu satu saat ja lepas tu diorang jalan, macam tiada apa yang berlaku.. saya jatuh pastu sia bangun sendiri. Kesian kan hehe..

people are so selfish nowadays..mimang wujud org macam tu..

'jatuh dgn bergaya'? macam tu aa...heheheh

Adui, sia paling banci la kalau terjatuh di mana2... drop my water face... hehe

Nasib baik ko inda cedera teruk. Sia pun cukup pecaya sama itu Minyak Batu. Tu hari sia bili satu botol basar before sia balik KL, sbb sini teda jual.

I wonder apa kah ingredients dia tu sampai begitu mujarab sekali...

Nora ~ mmg lucu bah tu budak pekerja KFC tu, urang terjatuh, minuman la bah yg dia concern.Kesian juga ko Nora tp sia pun bangun sendiri bah. :)

MummyZuan ~ ekeke,,sia terlutut menyembah simen bah tp tray tatap di tangan..hahahaha...

Nessa ~ satu lagi testimonial pasal kemujaraban Minyak Batu :)

iya kan, nti kalu abis stok d ruma, sia tny tu cina tukang jual pasal ingredients dia..hihi...