I’ll take your food, if you don’t give me money…

When I saw the same guy again yesterday evening, walking around Donggongon, this incident which happened some 2 weeks ago came back to me. Stale already by now but still, I want to share it with you…hehehe… The title may suggest a threat, but it was not the case. :)

Okay, let’s go back to that day. My friend and I went yum cha at the new Restoran Maimunah after a tiring day. We were waiting for another friend to come. So in the meantime, I ordered Mee Goreng Ayam (Chicken Fried Noodle) and Air Bandung , while friend ordered Maggi Ayam with Telur Mata Lembu (Maggi Instant Noodle with Bull’s Eye Fried Egg) and hot coffee. Normally, I only ask for Roti Planta. Since the fried mee looks delicious in the menu, I decided to try it. So, my verdict for the fried noodle? Edible but…I think I’ll stick to Roti Planta next time…hehehe…I only ate a quarter of the mee before I surrendered.

Out the corner of my eyes, I saw this messy, unruly guy, asking for money from one table to another. When he finally arrived at our table…there was an unmistakable smell of alcohol in his breath. With a big grin, he held out his palm and asked for money. When we didn’t give any, he proceeded to other table. Phew! Selamat (safe)…so, we thought.

Then, a few minutes later, Mr Stinky came back again. “Kalau kamu tida bagi sia duit, sia makan la ni mi ah? Bulih ka? (If you don’t give me money, I’ll take the mee)” “Bah, ambil la. (Ok, go ahead)”. So, like that la…the remaining of my fried mee went straight down into his hungry stomach, and the sup kosong was not spared too…hehe.

My friend and I was already making eye contact, communicating telepathically, “What if he decided to join us?” There are two more vacant seats at our table. Aiyaks, die la if he does that! I was already thinking the best way to leave our table without offending him. If we pay and left quickly, he may thought we were a couple of snobbish b*tch…perempuan sombong. Who knows how he will react if he was offended? So, I had this line readied (just in case), the most diplomatic way to leave I can think of at that time, “Bah,palan-palan la ko makan kio. Suda sia bayar. (Take your time, I already paid the food)”. Well, I didn’t get to say that as he retreated to another table. LOL. Phew! If my glass wasn’t empty, he’d most probably grabbed it along too. I bet hygiene was the last thing on his mind as he did not mind eating other people’s left-over.

Since there are quite a number of people like this guy in Donggongon area, don’t be surprised if one or two came to you asking for money while you are eating. So far, I have not encountered any of those who are aggressive, not that I’m asking for it..touch wood…but just in case, do you have any idea how to not give in to their demand in the politest way? Do share it if you have any ya..Thanks :)


We have one or two here...but they don't do that. They may help themselves to your cigarettes if you leave on the table...or just take away your change if you don't put it away right away and it's on the table. But seldom see them for a long time now, maybe because I don't go to town centre that often...

I was in that same kind of scenarios many times..but I normally gave them a hand wave sign meaning.."NO"..."NO MONEY and I DON'T WANT TO BE DISTURB".
Proud not, but rather not to encourage them living a useless life like that.
Take Care.

I think you were being too polite sama dia. Bukan sia mo berlagak sombong kio but I think it's rude for anyone to just take other people's food (walaupun dia ada tanya).

So far sia belum pernah lagi kana di sini KL atau pun di Donggongon, ada lah yang mintak duit tapi susah mo pecaya ba skrang, telampau banyak scams, so normally sia geleng kepala seja.

Kalau tu orang tia mo lari juga, sia ignore seja sampai dia pi tampat lain... hehe

OH.these are quite common over here in IPOH too.. in coffeeshops they will come.. some lame, some normal like us but still take out their hand... sometimes we give, at times we dont... don't be surprised some are even richer than us.. but of course, there are genuine ones too...
but taking food so far, i never came across..perhaps my food everytime also finished.. or eating half way.. or not yet come.. :)

Mia - Dulu kami pernah bagi duit sama this kind of urang lah...RM1. Ko tiatau lagi mcm mn dia ckp terima kasih...she was yelling and said 'Tima kasi kamu laa, untung muda-muda ada duit!!' yaiii... takajut public...and we were like 'join the club' sudah...! Happened at Lido. (imagine the crowd..!)

STP ~ ya lor..

HoneyBuzz ~ i never give money,takut nanti dorang pandai balik2 minta klu terjumpa lain kali..

Nessa ~ I dont really mind with the food, bcos I was done with it.Selalu sia terjumpa yg minta duit tp kalu tida kana bagi trus dia pindah meja lain.Ni first time jumpa sama yg pandai ambik makanan ni. Ada bah yg agak aggressive Nessa, kalu ko tertingu sj muka dia trus dia datang p dekat kau.Yaiiy takut sia..palis2..

Reanaclaire ~ it's first encounter also.never before i came across anybody taking food...

MOB aka Mouren ~ duii nah, itu butul2 scary suda tu.Di Lido yg sentiasa crowded lagi tu..hihi

Trus sia teringat dulu ada 1 urg tua jual pisang di Donggongon yg sampai melutut bah sambil merayu-rayu spy bili pisang dia.Dia ni normal tp dia pny marketing skill tu bah, bikin takut...urang pun terpaksa bili sebelum dia start dia pny wayang. Skrg teda suda la...

In china, if you give one, the whole kampung will approach you for the same thing

Aiyo Jess, that's terrible.Cannot afford la to feed the whole kampung.Better not give anyone if that's the case.

Kalau dulu d KK kan Mia, kami nda pernah mau bg duit sama urg yg meminta2 ni. Mumy sia selalu ckp 'teda' seja.

Now d KL, mau nda mau terpksa bg RM1 sbb selagi nda bg, selagi tu nda pandai lari. Berdiri ja d siring ko. Bikin panas jg sbb urg lain tgk gia.

But, so far nda pernah experience yg minta mknan kalau nda kena bg duit. Yg sia pernah nmpk, drg tnggu urg yg tgh mkn tu siap mkn and berdiri sblm drg p ambil tu left-over.

Ya Mia.. drg pandai tu.. bila drg rasa kita tgk drg kan.. pandai drg p dkt kita kan. Bikin panas pun ada!

*facepalm. Well at least he got the courtesy to ask it from you. Last time at gaya street, got this homeless fat dood, he just grab from ppl's plate. Whether you just started or you finish, he'll just take it without asking. Scary. @_@

mamamia, sia pun pernah experience the same thing masa pg tamu donggongon... tp masa tu ramai2 minum kan trus nda kena layan... haha

Just ~ itu la Just, besa sia pun ckp 'teda' atau geleng kepala sj.Tapi mmg ada yg degil, tida mau lari selagi tida kana kasi duit. yg bikin panas tu urang di kiri kanan tu bah, meninguk semacam sj..

Maslight ~ alamak Mas, that's scary! better watch out when eating out in gaya street, mana tau this fat dude might come snatch our food...

LonTugi ~ kalu ramai2 or with my hubby mmg sia berani sikit la tapi tu hari sia sama kwn yg lebih penakut dr sia bah...hehe...