Balloons at the Carnival

Have you ever listened to MUZIKfm? Hehe…I never but I accidentally visited their Carnival last Saturday at Stadium Likas parking lot. The carnival and concert was held from 3 – 5 July 2009. I was driving by the stadium when I saw all the white canopies erected at the compound. Underneath the canopies were stalls selling foods, drinks and women accessories. Almost all the food sold were identical from one stall to another, Nasi Lemak, grilled chicken wings, fried noodles, etc.

Of all the stalls, there were two stalls that pull customers, especially the young ones, like magnets. They were selling these huge cartoon characters balloon. There were Tweety Bird, Spongebob, Spiderman etc, cute and very colorful. Any kids would sure drag their parents to these stalls. Even me, who was alone that time also attracted to have a look at this particular stall….hehehe Since there wasn’t any Barney or Dora the Explorer balloon, I thought of buying a Hello Kitty for Vanessa.

OMG! I had the shock of my life when I asked about the price. It cost a whopping RM8.00 per piece!!! What??! This colorful, floating thing that lasts only for 2-3 days max is that expensive?!! *faint* I thought it would cost RM4.00 the most. I pity those parents who came with 3 – 4 kids in tow... They must have burned a big hole in their pocket…hahaha….As for me, I settled for a smaller Hello Kitty balloon that cost RM4.00. Am I a stingy mommy? Maybe, I am. But I think RM8.00 for a balloon is just too expensive. What say you?

P/s : Happy weekend everyone! :)


I won't buy too coz end of the day, my girl will just throw it aside..hahha.

talampau sudah tu...mcm tu lintah hisap darah!!

I certainly think it's too expensive too!! Wow .... RM8 .... I think with that RM8, I can buy other thing (nicer thing) which will make my girl equally happy as well :)

oh, dont think i will buy too.. like u, i feel too expensive but i remember my son got that as a present during his 18th birthday this year.. :)

Mummy Gwen ~ ya lor, my girl only play with it for a few hours before she got bored..

InobongProper ~ exactly!! Mo kasi mati urang mangkali tu penjual...

Mommy Angel ~ Spending RM8 for a piece of balloon is just too much! Yes, we can buy other nicer thing for our kids for that amount of money...

Yes.. it is expensive.. rather bring the kids to KFC and take value meal.. huhuuu

RM8 is just too expensive...can eat noodles for 2 person with that price.

Agreed with the others, mmg nda berbaloi betul bili tu belon mia. RM8????!! Bengong!! Ada jg urg yg bili??? Deii... terpksa ba tu kan. Kesian jg. But, kalau sia tu.. nda la sanggup sia bili tu.. Menangis muntah darah sekali pun... ahahaha.. melampau la ba jg kan.. kekeke..

Hi mama mia,

wah.. so expensive.I used to buy for Dian also, the small one is RM3-3.5 and the big one, I think only RM6. Mahal juga di Sabah tu kana charge.. cekik darah betul tu ..:P

Sia jarang dingar radio skrang... blogging seja karaja! LOL!

Budak2 memang suka balloons ba kan. Kalau ikut murah seja tapi diorang jual mahal betul.

Anak sia meraung, menangis gila pasal belon harga RM8, sia inda mo beli. Makan mi goreng spesel lagi bagus, dpt minum lagi... hehe (Tapi kalu sia millionaire lain crita la mangkali)

Hi mama mia..the floating balloons filled with helium are only lasted for 6 hours ja...for your info la..
for rm8 bucks..not worth the buy.
Delicious food is a better bargain. All the best.

Reanaclaire ~ whoa, at 18th still get balloon for bday gift?? hahaha...but my bestfriend still get Tweety Bird & Powerpuff girl's doll on her 29th bday.Those dolls ownership has been transferred to my daughter. :)

Alv ~ ya bah, itu la lagi worth kan..

Carolyn ~ exactly.

Just ~ dasyat juga ko pny komen ni, 'sampai muntah darah' lg tu..hihi.Tp kalu ada budak ikut, mmg terpaksa la tu parents bili, kalu tida meraung bah tu budak2 karang..

Nora ~ betul tu Nora, memang cekik darah butul tu penjual. Dia ingat urang2 sini ada tanam pokok duit mangkali...hihi..

Nessa ~ hihi..sia banyak dingar radio time driving, itu pun Mixfm.

Ntah la apa yg best sangat pasal belon ni, semua budak2 suka ni. Ya bah, bili makanan lagi worth kan.

HoneyBuzz ~ Thx for the info,Honey. Memang not worth buying a balloon at that cost..bagus lagi bili makanan. :)

RM8!!! That's expensive! But Sabah people very rich, everything's expensive. LOL!!! Kids today are so lucky - all kinds of fanciful balloons, unlike my time...

STP ~ hehe..during those time, having a plain latex balloon is consider lucky already...LOL!