13 going on 30

This post has nothing to do with Jennifer Garner’s movie. I was looking for a nice title to put and this was the only thing that came across my mind. It’s a nice one, so yeah, why not use it? *smile* Well, there is something in it that suits me..the number 30. Yup, yours truly, was officially 30 years old on August,04… :)

There was no extra ordinary celebration. Since hubby was going to Brunei on my birthday, we celebrated it 2 days earlier. We (just the two of us..hehe..) went to watch the 08:45pm show of Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince at 1 Borneo and after grabbing Zinger Burgers from the KFC outlet. The theater was almost deserted…only 10 ppl max was in it. Haha..I know, almost all the ppl in town had already watch the movie. Kami adalah golongan yang ketinggalanhahaha…I’ve read the book some time last year but I can’t really remember the storyline properly. I even thought that the Half Blood Prince was Tom Riddle aka Voldemort, only to find out that the Half Blood Prince was actually Severus Snape. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie. Am looking forward for the next sequel. :)

Unlike last year’s birthday, this year there was no cake and no flower bouquet from hubby. But I did receive a gift from him. Well, it’s no surprise because I had expected to get a new handbag..hehe..However, the colour choice was a complete surprise. All these years, I never had a white-coloured handbag. So, it was a refreshing change from the usual black. Thank you,Dear! *smile*

Okay, on my birthday itself, a friend (who happens to be an August baby herself) and I was supposed to eat out at Upperstar Café & Bar, Damai right after work. Due to the traffic jam, we changed the venue to a nearer and more convenient place..Where else? KFC Donggongon la! I know what you’re thinking, “What?? KFC again?!” .LOL. It’s the only air-conditioned place in Donggongon that is comfy enough to chit-chat with friends. Now, I’m so sick of KFC already.I don't think I'm going to have another KFC meal through out this month.

Hehe..it was my first visit there after the humiliating incident. To avoid the unwanted company of our buzzing ‘friends’, we headed to the 1st floor. I was traumatized by the previous incident. This time, as I was climbing up the stairs, I watch every step that I take. Don’t want to miss any step like last time…LOL!! Eventually, everything was fine. No embarrassing moment. But the air-cond was soo cold that by the time we finished our meal, I thought I’m going to freeze to death. Luckily, no such thing happened…hehe..So like that la my birthday celebration…SIMPLE.


Aww.. my birthday's August 3rd and yours is August 4th. We're LEO babies! :D

Happy belated birthday to you too! :D


Happy Birthday to you MamaMia, read your 'incident' just now and I am glad that you are all well this round :D And the bag your hubby got for you is really nice, I love the colour and that's so sweet ya :) Enjoy your day to the fullest!!

Happy Birthday, my fren... Age is just a number, someone told me recently.. hahaha.. so 13 going on to 30, fine, as long as u feel like 18... hahha...

btw, yr husband's choice is not bad, huh.. nice handbag!

happy belated bday mama mia! :)
and welcome to the 30's club :)

Hi Mama Mia, I'm kindda bz lately, but that doesn't mean I can't drop by to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Wishing you well and many happy years to come.
regards - Little Honeybuzz

Happy Belated Birthday To YOU!!! You are still young. :)

Happy belated b'day!

Mine is 5 days away. Hey we're the same age XD

Happy belated bday mia...
Movies pun ok apa kan.
Pandai dia pilih beg kasi ko aa.

Helooo...heloooo... Happy birthday to you toooo!!!!!!


oh you also 4th??? Wahhhhhhh.... so nice!!! hehehhe

Happy belated birthday Mama Mia! My birthday is coming soon oso... :)

Pandai juga ba your other half bili handbag.

Happy Birthday Mama Mia :D i mean, Belated one! hehe sory.. May all your dreams come true!

hehe Ive changed my link suda .. nt relink seja la a :D

Cindy-Jane ~ hehe..our bday is only one day apart. Thx Cindy! :)

MissSab ~ Tq,Sab! :)

MommyAngel ~ hehe..the incident was soo embarrasing yet funny.LOL. Thx for the wish ya.

reanaclaire ~ exactly, doesn't matter how old are we, the important thing is forever young at heart..hahaha..

CheguCarol ~ Tq 2x..

Honey ~ Even tho u r bz, sempat juga drop-by to wish me..Tq very much!

MummyGwen ~ yup, young at heart..hehe..

Maslight ~ hehe..i'll be waiting for your post on your bday celebration Mas.. :D

Just ~ nasib baik tu bos kicil kasi kerjasama juga..bulih jg parents dia p dating sikijap..hehe..nasib baik ngam dia bili tu bag

Cath J ~ u also 4th ka pulak? i thot u 5th? anyway, tq for the wish. :)

Nessa ~ ramai juga bloggers ni yg August baby..hehe..bah, sia tunggu ja post pasal bday celebration ko :D

NinieJane ~ Tq..bah bulih baitu.. :)


hey, happy belated bday ya Mama Mia :)

I enjoyed reading your articles.. :-)
Anyway hope its not too late to wish you 'Happy Belated Birthday'!! ;-)

Mrs Ezman & Carolyn ~ Thank you, guys! :)