To give or not to give?

This morning, after I send hubby to airport, (yep, he’s going out-station again :( ), I made a quick stop at the tamu. Since it is still early, I decided to look for something for breakfast.

As I was browsing the many stalls selling variety of kuihs, somebody touched my shoulder. It caught me by surprise. I turned around immediately and came face to face with this messy guy! “Kak, bagi 1 Ringgit ?" he said with his palm opened. Hmm, he was one of the “kaki botol" gang. Almost everyday, he is seen with the rest of his drunkard gang member lying on the vacant hawker stall on non-tamu day or simply lying on the pavement…intoxicated. On some occasion, some stray cat joined in their drinking session. Hahaha..of course la the cat don’t drink alcohol but they were eyeing hopefully for the ‘pusas’ (accompanying food) leftover…ermm, I have no idea how to explain ‘pusas’ in English or Malay…hehe..

Before I got the chance to react, the stall owner shoo-ed him away. So, off he went to try his lucky on other ppl. * sigh* Honestly, I felt sorry for this guy. He is not crazy, only that he is not smart, IQ below average. Well, I was going to give him something if he didn’t scurry-off. But, for sure I was NOT going to give him money. Instead I would prefer to give him food. If give him money, he will definitely spend it on alcohol. However, the aunty (stall owner) said not to be too generous with these ppl (drunkard). “Amoi, jangan bagi apa-apa, kalau suda bagi 1 kali, nanti lain kali dia minta kau lagi balik-balik o…” True enough but part of me was feeling guilty for not being able to give him something to eat.

It seem that his mom has given-up on him. A few years back, he was decently dressed, helping his elderly mom to sell vegetables. He even help the other hawkers to carry pail of water and unloading goods, in exchange, he’ll get some money as a token. After he befriended the drunkards, never again I saw him helping out at his mother’s stall. I guess, his mother was too old to care for him that she just let him be. He is seen in his same dirty clothes everyday.


Mcm sya kanal ja org yg minta ko duit ni :D Nasib baik juga tu taukeh tulung halau. Susah juga mau elak dari dorang ni. Yang paling bikin maradang kalau dorang pi minta duit masa ko sedang makan di kadai makan. Bulih hilang selera o.. :D Tamu Donggongon ni macam sdh jadi hang out bagi dorang ni. I wonder if the authority can do something about this matterkah since their presence will give negative image to the town? Manatau dorang ni boleh dilatih dan dibimbing untuk melakukan sesuatu yang berguna untuk diri sendiri, bukan kalapik nopo most of the time..

Hehe...kalu ko slu d Donngongon mmg ko kanal bah tu. Makin ramai lg tu urang yg minta duit time kita duduk mkn d kadai. Authority pn malas mo layan dorang ni mangkali. Urg2 begini ni mmg kasi negative image bah to our town. Tapi kan Ornest, klu kuat moginum ni susah bah mo latih kan..ada duit sikit trus bili montoku sj...:)

Trus sia teringat tu incident d Rahayu Cafe Mia.
Org mcm ni mau ignore pun susah jg. Sbb sometime durang buli buat benda yg diluar kawalan. Ceh!

Tu la Just. Sia pun takut bah sama yg pandai kacau tu kalau kita ignore dorang. Eeeiii...ramai bah yg jln2 d Donggongon ni Just.

Sy pun tidak pernah bagi kalau dorang start meminta. Betul tu cakapan the aunty,sekali dapat nak lagi kunun.

ya bah Mell..sakali nga dorang aim kita suda o kan, asal nmpk saja kita bjln2, trus dorang pakat p minta...eee..bikin takut ni!

I seldom give any money cos most of the time, these kinds of people just use it to buy more alcohol!

Yes, Nick. Some even refused if food is given to them. They insist for money...*sigh*

Sya ada juga pernah tulis pasal ni, 2 different stories.

It's true what you said. Better lagi kasi makanan kan, like what happened to sis la. Dorang sedang makan2 dlm kedai kan, trus ada ni orang yang minta2 duit sebab dia bilang teda duit mo beli makanan. Then, my sis and her workmates bilang ko pilih la apa ja lauk yang ko makan, tapi dia nda mo, dia mo duit juga konon! Last2 nda kana kasi apa2!!