Yangon - Part 1

Yey! Hubby is back from Myanmar. His latest project required him to stay there for 3 weeks. Since most of his time was spent offshore, hubby only managed to jalan-jalan in Yangon City for a short while. It is summer time in Myanmar now. The temperature was as hot as 43 Celcius. The temperature di tengah-tengah laut, tida payah cakap la….
The market is more or less similar to our own open-market aka tamu. Hawkers selling their goods under the sky, some with under the canopy of a large umbrella. The buildings look quite old.
At the sidewalk, these hawkers are selling some tid-bits. In Pic #1, some looks like fried tofu pierced like satay; while in Pic #2, looks like some poultry intestines on the table. Hehe..hubby didn’t dare to try…

Despite being the country’s largest city and the most important commercial hub, Yangon’s infrastructure is relatively undeveloped compare to major cities in SEA. Amidst the city, beggars-children and adults alike is everywhere. The motherly heart of mine wept when I saw this picture.
The child looks no older than 18mths yet she is already wandering on the street, begging for food. Hubby was touched by this sight. He gave the poor child some fruits to eat. Upon receiving them, hubby thought that this mal-nourished child would consume them immediately but no. She carefully tucks away the fruits in her mother’s shirt. The mother was already lying down on the pavement; simply too tired to walk or too hungry…who knows.

Looking at the child, I am deeply grateful that our children are blessed with all the necessities-sufficient food, clothes, shelter and good education. We don’t see our children begging for food in our street. Even the PTI’s kids who loiter in our street begging for money are in better condition.


Lamanya c lolen d sana Mia. Kalau sia pun nda berani mau try mkn yg pelik2 tu. Yg nda pelik pun sia nda mkn! Hahaha...

Ya ba.. We are more fortunate ba...

Whenever my kids watched itu national geography..and ada part yang budak2 lapar di Afrika, i will remind them how lucky is them to have enough food to eat..jahat lagi sia tu kadang2..say if dorang nad mau kasi habis dorang punya nasi, nanti sia kasi tu nasi sama tu budak yang lapar..laju saja dorang kasi habis!! :)
Tapi itu lah..we are lucky having almost everything for our kids kan??

Hehe..bikin jg ba mkn yg pelik2 ni. Takut nti perut meragam sbb terkezut...:)

Insaf o sia tingu penderitaan ni budak..:(

looking at the pics remind me again and again how fortunate we are and I thank GOD for that.

Hi Mama mia,

Hubby kau pun "orang minyak " ka hehe? kalau gitu samalah kita selalu kena tingal sebab pi offshore hehe. my hubby pun ada pigi myamnar 2 -3 kali dia bilang memang tahap kemiskinan disana teruk juga. Paling kesian nampak budak-budaklah. Macam yang gambar hubby kau ambil tu kesian betul nampak. Sedih oo.. lucky juga kita di Malaysia still ok. Tapi ramai rakyat Malaysia yang inda tau bersyukur.