I used to work in a law firm as a legal secretary. My job scope includes typing, typing and typing. Yes, I did the typing on all kind of legal documents, eg. Affidavits, Writ of Summons, correspondences to clients and/or to other legal firms and so on, with my boss sitting beside me dictating the each and every words/sentences. Being a lawyer, he valued his time very much, “Time is gold” he said, so writing down a draft is a waste of time. * Sigh * It is impossible to catch-up at his speed!

During my tenant, I came across various kinds of civil cases as my boss does not take crime cases. One particular case that I remembered was this client; a well-known businessman who was suing his neighbour for causing damages to his brick wall/embankment. They tried to resolve the dispute via arbitration but obviously, all efforts failed.

Good thing that our client is a rich man for the cost of retaining a good lawyer like my former boss would be too much to bear. Trust me, many case end-up sitting in our dear ol' Mahkamah Kota Kinabalu system for a few years before it is finalized. There will be a lot of hearings involved and these process needs money. But not all of us are rich.

So, where can we find the money to bear all the costs? If only we have a lawsuit loan , then the financial burden may not be as heavy to shoulder. This loan can provide the cash we needed while our case is in progress. offers various type of funding/loan such as the Plaintiff Funding, Structured Funding, Attorney Funding and Commercial Funding. The process is quite simple. First, we need to fill-up a form, then somebody from the Management will contact us the soonest possible. Well, we can always contact them if we can't bear the wait. *wink* After reviewing our case, we'll get our fund within 24 hours. Whoa, that is probably the fastest turnaround period. Too good to be true? Well, it is supported by testimonials of others who have had the benefit. There's more, we only pay if we win. Ah, if only we have it here in Sabah, misti ramai peminat ni... * smile*


Yaa baa Mia. Been reporting to a Legal Manager before. Susah betul mau catch up drg pnya speed. Drafting?? Huhh... mmg buang masa! Sdh la sia nda familiar with all those legal terms.. *sigh*

great info,

but the loan only applicable to cases in the US kan?