Yey! It's Friday!

Friday is here again. It’ll be a long weekend for us. We’ll get an extra off day on Monday in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul.

Okay, previously I wrote about the things that I craved for during my pregnancy in here (insert link). One of those thing is the ‘pisang susu’. Since some of you are curious about it, this is what it looks like. To Carmelliny and Nick Phillips, this should be able to satisfy your curiosity..hehe…
Well, what can I say, it looks like pisang/banana la… :) I don’t remember ever seeing them in West Malaysia but here, you can get it anywhere. Banyak bah kana jual saana tamu….This bunch cost me RM1.50…a bit pricey compare to yesteryears. Last time, we can get a bunch like this for only RM1.00. Nowadays, all goods have become pricey..* sigh*

So, you guys have any plans for the weekend yet? Apart from paying my cuz a visit, most likely I will stay at home. Not in the mood to go hang kai due to the unpredictable weather. For the past few days, it was blazing hot in the morning but in the afternoon…its raining pulak. Rugi saja cuci kereta…petang kotor lagi balik….cis!

Anyway, have a nice day and enjoy your weekend everyone! To all Muslim friends, Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul.


Tu pisang looks like pisang emas kan, kicik seja but kaler dia less yellowy la. Manis ka tu??

Weekend's plan watching TV seja la, mostly reality shows starting tonite.. American Idol Wild Card, OIAM3 and tomorrow Tirai Akademi fantasia. Wah, busy betul sia ni... hehe

Enjoy your weekend too Mama Mia :)

Ya Nessa, rupa bentuk & saiz lebih kurang mc tu pisang emas. Tp ni pisang tida semanis pisang emas.

Sia pun minat tingu reality shows ko lagi terrer la. Hehe...sama2 la kita mengisi weekend dgn tingu TV...hehe...

Org kg sy panggil that pisang anak..habis kicik2 kan the size. hehe..

Happy weekend :)

i think sa pernah makan ni pisang cuma sa ingat ini memang pisang emas...abis mmg hampir mcm pisang emas :)

Opp, no holiday for me.
I have to work on coming Monday

eh..sia ingat pisang emas tadi..hehehe!!
Bah my weekend will be spent by sleeping nie..hehehee U have a great weekend too..

Mia, sia nda pernah peduli apa nama pisang. Sia beli & makan ja sia tau. Hahahhaha...

Weekend sibuk dgn lil' yon sia ja. Keluar masuk wad!! Will update later kio..

So that's what pisang susu looks like huh? Ya, I agree with Nessa, it does look like pisang emas ... Thanks for the update though :D

Mell_f ~ o..baru sia tau Mel. Klu mcm tu, byk la nama ni pisang kan...:)

Chequ Carol ~ hehe..kalu ko tingu butul2 ada lain sikit tu kaler & bentuk dia comapre to pisang emas..

Kadusmama ~ hehe..ngam la tu,ganti balik tidur yg tida cukup

Just ~ ya bah kan Just, janji sedap dimakan..hope your baby ok saja..

Jess ~ holiday for u?

NickPhillips ~ you're welcome.