Weekend project

Hehe...should have post this a few days ago...but I was too malas to do so. The streamyx at home is a bit slow and the sadest part, the streamyx connection in the office is out... due to out-standing bills. It has been 3 days now. You can imagine la how boring it is without internet? *sigh* Blame it all to the Acc. Dept in KL. My goodness, how could they forgot or negelected to pay the phone bill??! Mind you, this is not the first time. Hmm, I'm not in the mood to rant about this.

Okay, this post is about the project that we did last weekend. Mom had been talking about utilizing the leftovers cement before it become over-exposed and wasted for quite some time. She wants to pave the ground near the drain. The initial plan was to have hubby do the job but since hubby was out-station again, there was a changed of plan.

Last Saturday, we – mom, maid & I decided to test our ‘power’ and skills on the job. Luckily, the kids next door came over to keep my daughter company. Ah, she was so happy to have some friends to play with, so no clingy baby for the day. :)

We started working on it in the morning. Well, the paving was no problem but the mixing part was testing our physical. There was a lot of physical strength involved in mixing the cement, rocks, sand and water. It was the hardest part I would say. It was my first time doing such work.

So, how’s the outcome? Well, our ‘work of art’ was far from perfect. It couldn’t hold a candle against the job done by experts….hahaha. Nevertheless, I’m quite satisfied with it…because we did it all by ourselves. Bulih la kampung-kampung...


Kalau dpt buat sendiri, mmg lg ok Mia. Kalau mau suruh org buat, mahal jg dia minta tu!! Lain kali buli buat lg.. hihihi..

Wah, betul2 keja keras ni. But ok la ba tu, janji simin karas juga kan... hehe

Dulu2 my dad used to do all these physical jobs for the house back home. Tia payah panggil tu kontrekter ka buruh kasar. Since we're all girls, so mostly we watch him seja la and I was too young to even hold a spade! :)

wah...rajinnyaaa..! kalau sia bab sime menyimen nie, nda sanggup buat oh..hahaha

ok puntu mama....buli lah bah kampung2...hehehe

"Bulih lah.. kampung pun, kampung lah"

good job and well done~!

p/s - besar lah muscle ko nanti ni Mami?

Just ~ Mmg jimat kos bah kalu buat sendri...Klu space yg kici sj bulih la, tp klu yg luas, hmm...surrender la. hehe...

Nessa ~ Butul tu Nessa, janji karas tu simin kan..

Kadus ~ hehe Ty, kalu tida kana simin, bising2 lg mama sia nti. :)

belle ~ bulih la kan? mcm si Nessa blg, janji karas tu simin..hihi...

oh ya..ada tag for u to do.. :)

Kong ~ kalu tiap2 mmg simim menyimin mangakli bulih besar muscle o kan...hehe...

kadus ~ bah, nti sia bikin kio. :)

wah buli tahan juga ba! O ya sia kasi private tu blog sia abis ada urang kacau. Nanti kasi sia emel ko kio

Whoa, you're way better than me. I don't think I could pave anything even if my life depended on it ... LOL!

Nika ~ ee..sepa la yg p kacau blog ko? Kureng asem butul kan pny urg..aniway, my emel: elmia.mia08@gmail.com

NickPhillips ~ Thx