Clean kitchen, healthy inhabitants

Psst, how often do you clean your kitchen? Hehe…I admit that cleaning the kitchen is the one household chore that I dreaded. I often leave the task to my domestic helper. However, I do turun padang juga la in the weekend. It is very important too ensure the hygiene of our kitchen as this where we prepare our daily food. We don’t want our meal to be contaminated do we?

Therefore, it is suffice to say that most women took pride in having a clean and tidy kitchen. Having a kitchen in tip-top condition will sure make our nosy neighbour’s eyes green with envy thus lifting our mood to make special, delicious meal for our loved ones everyday. Plus, it will sure make our mom in law happy too.

In any kitchen, the sink is one of the central fixtures and always sees a lot of action. It is used both in preparing food and for cleaning up after each meal. So important it is that it can affect the whole look of our kitchen in both positive and negative way. Therefore, in choosing a sink, both durability and attractiveness are important qualities that need to be taken into account besides the size, in width and depth. don’t want to buy one that does not fit your kitchen perfectly.

Although there are various finishing of kitchen sinks available in the market, many people still prefer stainless steel sinks. I am one of them. The reason being, this type of sink is easy to clean! *smile*


I clean my kitchen after every cooking session. :) Tough job.

I'm a clean freak when it comes to kitchen. After cooking, it's a must to mop... sebab sia inda tahan ba lantai berminyak.

My dream sink is yang XL punya saiz... buli cuci periuk basar! :D

Mau ckp bab2 kebersihan dapur ni Mia... mummy sia plg rajin! Everytime after cooking, sure dia mop terus tu lantai, lap dinding and segala apa2 yg patut la... Kain buruk pun bertambah la buruk sebab kena lap and cuci hari2. Hari2 tu mau berpuluh2 kali pulak tu... heheheh...

Little Inbox ~ Cleaning d kitchen is a tough job indeed.

Nessa ~ Nah, itu la psl sia malas sikit mo kasi bersih dapur.I hate the minyak masak yg terpercik tu bah...

Just ~ Wah! your mom butul2 a clean freak o kan. Misti berseri2 dapur ko selalu kana kasi bersih kan...:)

hehe.. I love to have a very clean Kitchen.. tapi kan .. pasal tu minyak la yg paling sia inda suka.. but most of the time.. bukan sia yg masak.. Hubby :P:P .. even tho' clean it after every cooking session.. susah juga.. inda juga dia boleh 'Kilat-milat' ... er.. m i using the correct wording kah tu :D

Saya sangat cerewet dalam kebersihan dapur hehe.. I make sure me or maid to clean it immediately after siap masak.

Evelyn LG ~ Same here. Mcm mana kita kasi bersih pun after each cooking session, pun masi juga susah mo buang tu oily stain..

Nora ~ Normally, my maid do d cleaning after siap masak.On d weekend, we do the major cleaning..hehe..