Yangon - Part 2

Since the ancient time, Myanmar is famous for its beautiful and precious gemstones- sapphire, jade, citrine, lapis lazuli, ruby etc. These precious stones are perfect for jewelry making. Everyone who has the opportunity to visit the country should grab one or two. The prices are quite low and the quality is excellent. Of course la, hubby bought home souvenir... *wink-wink*

Hehe..he didn’t buy any jewelry whatsoever. Instead, he bought a gemstones painting..err, rather a picture with a soothing scenery. A waterfall with lots of green background. It is made of jade (green), citrine (yellow), sapphire (blue), peridot (pale green), ruby (red), spinel (pink), onyx (black), quartz (white), zircon (brown), amethyst (violet) and fossil wood (orange). The price, USD30. Hmm, a perfect picture for the living room. For the time being, it is still lying on the table, have not frame it yet … hahahaha...This one is really captivating. Oh my, just how many jade did they use to create this?! It is a large picture, so hubby only snap part of it and bcos of the quantity of jade used, time spent to materialize this pic…the price is not cheap, only USD350. *wink * It is so beautiful, don’t you agree?
I’m sure there are other shops selling gemstones picture, but hubby bought it from this particular shop, SHNE Yanadar in Bogyoke Market. Ready-framed pictures are also available but are too bulky to be hand-carried into the plane. Here are some other pictures that are equally fascinating.


Wah! Gemstone Painting!.. I've never seen this kind of painting before.. lovely..

Ya bah Evelyn.While it was still in wrap, heran bah sia bila hubby said it's painting. Apa la pny lukisan ni yg gitu berat sia blg..hehe..

Tq for dropping by ya.

Eee.. sia pun nda pernah tgk and dgr ni Gemstone Painting. Sakai sekijap. Hehheeh...

Siok ba pulak ada painting utk living room kan.. mm..

MamaMia, kalu sia buli kasi pandangan lah tu cermin kan kalu guna non reflective glass cantik tu tapi mahal sikit la harga dia

Just ~ hehe..sia pun 1st time nampak ni benda..

Greg Chai ~ Trima kaseh atas pandangan anda. Klu pakai glass besa tida cantik bah kan..er, kira2 brp kos tu non-reflective glass ar? Mo p survey2 harga dulu ni nti hjg minggu...

I love paintings too. Mesti mahal ni kan gemstone painting.

Gorgeous gemstone painting! First time seen also...thanks for sharing!

Nora ~ Harga ikut size lukisan. Kalu besar, harga pun besar juga la :). The one hubby beli dlm RM100plus..within d budget la bah tu.

Jess ~ You're welcome!.

Kira berpatutan la harga dia sbb bukan kertas tapi gemstones kan. Very nice, I laik! :D