Who wants to be Borneo Top Blogger?

You guys have probably heard about this contest but I’ve only found out about it from the newspaper yesterday. And I’m sharing it here again just in case ada yang termiss….hehe

The contest is organized by BorneoColours.com. The award is to recognize outstanding bloggers from the island of Borneo. Therefore the contest is open to all bloggers from Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan, Brunei and Kalimantan. The early process is on going now but there are still time.

For more info, hop on to BorneoColurs.com. :)


Ada sudah saya ikut ni heheheh. Anyway, good luck (^_^).

SJB ~ hehe..sia ja mangkali ni yg ketinggalan.. Good luck to you,SJB!

ha.. ada masuk paper kah? hehe.. sa pn ada ikut kunun ni.. mari kita ramai2 :)

I guess it's for blogs with lots of scenic photos of all the places in Borneo?

Bagus, perlu lebih banyak posting lg..kunjungi saya dan beri komen yah..Thanks

Sa pun sudah join ni ^_^ .. Mari ba kita aramai tii sana Mama Mia..

Sama lah kita nie MM sa pun ketinggalan juga baru tau di blog u juga. Hehehehe will check it out.

i dunno why im not interested to join this.

best of luck lah you all yg join kio. :)

Hi Mama, here's wishing you good luck.
Hope you win the BMW or whatever prize. Lee.

nc ~ ada,daily express 24hb..small column saja,maybe you overlooked..I haven't join yet..am not really interested..i posted this just to spread the news saja bah. Anyway, gud luck to you,nc!

STP ~ not necessary la, STP. They got 12 categories..personal blog,photography blog etc..u should visit the website for more info. :)

Sport ~ thx, am just helping to spread the news. :)

AnnieMing ~ wah ramai jg yg suda join rupanya..anyway, sia nda brapa interested in this bah..sia post ni pun sekadar menulung kasi sebar pasal ni contest ja. :)

Rosc ~ hehe..ada juga pulak kawan sia yg ketinggalan ni..bah, jgn buang masa,Rosc.

Chegu Carol ~ same here,Chegu. me pun not interested..tulung kasi sebar news saja ni.. :)

UncleLee ~ thank you,Uncle Lee but i'm not joining.:) Not that the prizes are not interesting enough but..i guess i'm not up to it la. If they put a BMW at stake, i may change my mind though...LOL!

Sia inda brapa minat join kalau contest yang grand punya. (kira grand ba ni kan). Tia tau la knapa.

Wah..interesting!! I better try.. thanks for sharing..

Nessa ~ sama la kita ni,Nessa. :)

Alv ~ you are most welcome,Alv. Good luck! :)