Another baby when?

Now that Vanessa is nearly 2 ½ years old, a lot of people, friends and family alike, have been asking us when we’re going to have another baby. “Don’t you want to give Vanessa a sister or brother to play with?” ; “You don’t even have to buy new baby bedding set or baby clothes, just reuse Vanessa’s old ones.” It is only normal for them to come up with this question/remark, especially the elderly relatives. So, I don’t really mind them asking. :)

Okay, to answer the question. Yes, we do want another baby. We are trying but so far, no luck yet. :) Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from browsing around for baby items like baby blankets, high chairs, strollers, toys, room décor, to name a few. :) At you can find designer brands of baby furniture, bedding and decor minus the designer price tag! Designer brand with its stylish superiority and enduring quality at an affordable price? Yes. No kidding! If I were to become a first-time mom, I would have gone for this fantastic deal... hehe…

Well, since I am not and we already have most of the necessary items, we won’t be buying as many things as the first time when baby #2 come along. It’ll be such a waste to not reuse our older children’s things since they are still in pretty good condition. The baby crib bedding set I got during Vanessa’s baby shower is still good. So are the strollers and most of her clothes, mitten, booties and toys. When I look at the pile of her outgrown clothes and toys, it brings back fond memories. It’s amazing how fast time has gone. :)


im also really want a baby...^_^
hopefully by this year..hehe

hrm...motherhood is such a joy...owh well..wait until I get married first hehehehe....

Ya bah, tengok lah my lil girl ni tidak lama mahu masuk 1 tahun sudah. rasa macam baru juga saya kasih beranak dia oh. Gila betul oh ni masa berlalu begitu cepat sekali. Anyway, good luck k (^_*).

Kniedaz ~ yeah, me too.. :)

AngelBear ~ yes, it is. if u found Mr Right oredi, kawin la cepat2..

SJB ~ itu la, pejam celik,pejam celik..besar suda anak kita. tq..

Hi mama mia,

That soalan cepu emas yang selalu sia dengar everywhere I go especially when balik kampung..:D

Since Dian already 4 years old and entered preschool, me and hubby decided to try for another one. So far belum ada rezeki lagi. keep on trying la ni hehe.

Ba, gud luck for the 2nd one Mia. Hehehe.. Try and work harder kio.. :D

Nora ~ ya bah,sama2 la berusaha. :)

Just ~ hehe...