What was that?

I went to an Aunt house few weeks ago. It’s been a while since my last visit. I was waiting for her to open the door when I caught a glimpse of something protruding from under the cracked pavement of her frontyard. At first, I didn’t really pay attention to it. Then a few minutes later, I saw it moved. Whoa..I wasted no time asking Aunt about it.

I thought she’ll be surprised but I was wrong. She confirmed that there is indeed something living in the ground under the crack. It’s a small monitor lizard (biawak). Well, I was really surprise because I didn’t expect to see one in an urban residential area. Kalau di kampung lain cerita la… :) Good thing that I was not standing near the crack or else, I’d scream like crazy and terrify the whole neighbourhood.. LOL…I keep my distance from anything that belongs in the lizard family, the harmless gecko included…

Right, back to the main topic. According to Aunty, they only realize its existence only a few months ago. That was after her mother passed away few months earlier. Well, maybe it has been there all the while but didn’t make frequent appearance until then. She mentioned about it to her friends and they advised her to treat ‘lizzy’ in good manners. Not to harm it, not to chase it away or something like that. They said, ‘lizzy’ may bring her and family good luck. Some even suggest that it could be the reincarnation of her deceased mother.

Though Aunty is not really a believer in superstitious stuff but she gladly follows their advice. “We (as in her and family) don’t mind having it around. It’s not like it’ll harm you or anything,” she said. Yeah, right. *shudder* Obviously, she and her kids have no fear of this creature. Hehehe…Aunty, next time I come for a visit, I’ll make sure the ground is clear before stepping out of the car. I don’t want to harm ‘lizzy’ maa…*wink*


uinaaahhhh...binatang piaraan durang is monitor lizard...besar? macam yg sana pulau mamutik ka?

well, lets hope lizzy is as tamed as your aunt think it is la kan...

i saw a tupai in a housing area at Petaling Jaya. That was surprising too.

An Uncle passaway last year and on the day of his passing there was a BIG injured dragonfly came to my living room.He passaway in an accident.

Then on the 7th day, there was a moth came to my living room. According to the relative, lights at his home was blinking on that night.


chegu Carol ~ bukan juga la diorang piara tp diorang kasi biar dia tinggal di bwh tu simin. masi kici, baby lagi..:)

ya la,tp kalu makin membesar,bikin takut juga oh..

smallkucing ~ Oh, i'm sorry for your Uncle..

about the blinking lights on 7th day, its scary la..

Hi Mama Mia, I too believe in good luck. Better to leave it there see what happens. Anyway, its harmless.

But I sure had fun with them school days. I would sneak one into a Girls Class, or before they start PE, hide it under their wooden horse, and when they lift the wooden horse and the iguana scampers out, all hell breaks loose, ARHAAAA HA HA.
And the PE teacher scrambling out of the window, no joke too in her sarong.

Once I left one in the school toilets, for girls.
Should hear the screams, ha ha.
You have a nice day, Lee.

lizard?? me also dont like lizard and the family..hoho

Uncle Lee ~ ya, my aunt thinks so too.

aiyoo.. Uncle Lee, you so jahat la..How could you do that to the girls? Put in the teacher sarong lagi? *faint*

Thank god, the boys in my school were not as evil as you.. :)

Kniedaz ~ ye la,Kniedaz..geli ler..

Yikes, I'd be getting rid of that thing right quick. I hate anything creepy, slimy lizard like big or small. Is she aware of any good luck that's supposely come her way since that creepy thing moved in?


This is normal for me heheheh. You know why?. Coz, my parents pun ada pet macam ni hahahaha, tapi itu dulu lah sekarang tidak ada sudah. Lucu juga kan ada pet macam ni hehehe.

Anyway, take care.

At my parents' house, there is a 4 legged lizard living in the drain. Sometimes my dad would feed it with leftover dish.... :p Whose know. It can be a watch dog too. :p

Biarlah the creature tinggal di sana manatau boleh bawa rezeki (thats what our parents told us..long time ago..hhaha)

Eiiii..sia paling geli with lizard or whatsoever in their category. Dont know why..but I dont dare to get near. kalau lipas boleh lagi, tapi cicak memang pantang. Believe it or not, sia pernah pengsanbah dulu time masih kecik bila tiba-tiba ada cicak jatuh dari syiling. ee... terus pengsan lucu betul...:D

Sampai sekarang masih geli..:D

sandy ~ well,her kids did win some contests..

SJB ~ ya bah, dulu di ruma uncle sia di kampung pun ada juga biawak dorang piara..tapi nda lama,mati tu biawak.

Rose ~ in that case, i definitely won't come to your parents' house without earlier notice..i don't want to meet the 'watch dog'.. :)

CAB ~ itu la bah tu, that is also the reason my aunty kasi biar saja dia tinggal sana..

Nora ~ dasyat ko ni,Nora..terus pengsan lagi tu. Sia nda la sampai pengsan tapi teriak2, lompat naik atas kerusi ada la...hihi..

dr kecil sampai skrg, sia phobia sama cicak dan yang sewaktu dgnnya..

Yayyy... sia geli ooo! Baby ka gontua ka sia tatap geli!! Nda pulak sia pernah dgr psl lizzy bring luck ni.. Hmm..

Just ~ hehe...sama la kita,Just. sia pun takut sama tu lizard & kaum keluarganya.

urang bilang, anything, bkn lizard saja yg datang sendiri p ruma kita is suppose to bring luck. betul ka tida, nda tau la..:)