Famous name

Have you ever read a book by Steve Berry? If you had, I’m sure you are familiar with the name Cotton Malone. Cotton is the nickname of the protagonist in his book. A former top operative for the U.S. Justice Department turned bookstore owner, Cotton was first introduced to us in The Templar Legacy. Now after reading another three of Mr Berry’s latest books, I am still wondering how Cotton got his nickname. It is still a mystery. *smile*

Out of curiosity, I browsed for the name in Names Browser and voila! There are 200+ records of people having that name. That get me wondering, did any one of the Cotton Malone listed have ever receive phone calls asking if he is indeed the famous protagonist in Steve Berry’s book? *smile*

Anyway, if you want to reconnect with old friends, find a long lost relative or need to verify a person's contact information from your e-mail address book, Names Browser can help you. By using their reverse e-mail lookup, you can get names and address (including city,state and zip code) of any e-mail address.


thanks for sharing, hopefully i'll be able to locate some of my ex school mates :)

hi mama mia :) lama tia p melawat hehe.. how r u?

Hi Mama Mia, interesting post.
Hmmmm, must look up some old girlfriends like this, ha ha.
Just kidding, jagan chari pasal.
You have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

bagus tu tau..nanti ble cari long lost relative and frens

Uncle Greg ~ tapi kan Uncle, ini this service macam avaiable in the US saja oh..kalu ada di sini,bagus kan? Senang mau cari kawan2 lama..

NinieJane ~ ya bah, laaamaaa suda ko nda datang sini. I'm fine, sihat-sihat saja.. :)

Uncle Lee ~ ya la,Uncle Lee,jangan cari pasal.. :)

mommieZee ~ ya, available di sini memang bagus..

Ya kah? macam saya pun mahu cuba oh hehehe.

SJB ~ bah, kastau ah kalu berjaya..