The best Monday

For months, I have been dying to get my hands on the latest Dan Brown’s book, The Lost Symbol. I know it has been long available in major bookstores in KK but being in hardcover, I couldn’t afford to buy one. RM99.90 is a big sum to me. I have to ‘suffer’ until it’s available in small-print paperback... :(

But little did I know that my ‘suffering’ was about to end. During lunch, my heart was itching to go the Penampang Library. And…Yay! I couldn’t be happier with my visit. My ‘suffering’ ended TODAY. There on the “Returned Book” shelf was a copy of the book! Yup, you bet. The moment I found it, I grabbed it off the shelf and borrowed it pronto…hehehe….

I was so happy to find the book. I can hardly contain my happiness. I was smiling from ear to ear all the way back to the office. All the stress of Monday was soon forgotten.

Today is by far, the best Monday I ever had. :)


Must be thrill to read that. Suddenly I remembered the Da Vincci Code movie..hehee

ya bah,Alv..can hardly wait to start reading..hehe..

good thing you make an effort to visit the Penampang library ... happy reading ... jan lupa story-story kio :)

i have been neglecting my books for quite awhile now. kin sayang duit saja. bagus lagi mcm ko, pigi library pinjam saja. some more.. have a good time reading..

Congratulations to you! Enjoy reading! =))

Oh, I haven't read dis book... waiting for sale baini... hehe

Lama suda sia inda pi library... I was the librarian @St Michael for 2 years. Best years of my life, sbb buli baca buku for free! :D

Uncle Greg~ ya bah..hehe..Ok, nanti sia story. :)

chegu Carol ~ misti ko telampau busy bah tu, that's why teda masa mau baca kan?

mmg save $$ la kalu pinjam dr library, tapi mau tungu laaama la..

reanaclaire ~ yes, it is.

Reema ~ thanks,Reema. Thank you for coming by. :)

Nessa ~ kalu sia nda jumpa ni buku semalam, sia pun masi lagi menunggu tu paperback edition ni..

ya bah, untung jadi librarian ni..dapat baca buku free.. :)

Nasib juga kan. You tahu lah kadang buku ni bukan nya murah mahallll hehehe.

SJB ~ itu la pasal sia selalu pinjam saja dr library. kalu beli pun yg small-print paperback sj..

Wow! I've given up on reading thick novels. Will doze off and eyes not so good anymore. Old man mah! Prefer to read short stories...or Reader's Digest.

Nah Mama Mia your wish come true sudah tu hahahaha. What the story about? a little synopsis please? boleh lah i cari2 nanti the book

STP ~ perhaps, you should try audio books? but then again, it may make you doze-off even quickly..hahaha...

Rosc ~ ya,'s a wish come true. Bah, here's something for you : "The Lost Symbol is an intelligent,lightning-paced thriller that offers surprises surprises at every Robert Langdon will discover,there is nothing more extraordinary or shocking than the secret which hides in plain sight..."