A new journey begins …

Earlier on, I have read Alv blog about how long we spend our life schooling . Now, here I am blogging about (play)school. :) Yup, Vanessa is going to start schooling next Monday. I have enrolled her into Play School 1 in SuauSindak. Oh, I am so excited for her. (Err, I don’t remember being excited about my first day in school…hahaha…) Anyway, I hope Vanessa will be happy at SuauSindak.

We chose Taska SuauSindak not only because of its strategic location (it’s along the road we use to go to work/home and near to my office), but also it offers Kadazan language lesson besides Malay and English. We really want her to be able to speak and understand our mother tongue properly. Nowadays majority of our young generation barely understand the Kadazan language, let alone speaks them fluently. *sigh* Sad but that’s the ugly truth. To me, it’s a loss if we could not speak/understand our mother tongue. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it is the only Taska that has Kadazan language lesson. At least, in Penampang area la.

Although SuauSindak has been our #1 choice right from the start, I visited two other Taska, Taska L and Taska T. Taska L is colourfully decorated, clean and equipped with proper safety measures but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there’s something wrong with it. *sigh* I don’t how to describe it but to me, the place is just not right. Nevertheless, I took their brochure all the same and move on to the other one. Good thing that it is only a block away.

Though Taska T is not as colourfully as the previous, but the moment I walked in its compound, I felt at ease and comfortable. The place is clean and I saw a few assistants entertaining the kids. The owner was one friendly lady. From her, I found out that some of the kids at her place were former kids of Taska L. They were transferred to her place for various reasons such as lack of activities and the food they served. She looks sincere in sharing this info with me. I don’t think that she was just trying to woo me in sending my kid over. :) If we haven’t set our heart with SuauSindak, I would gladly settle with Taska T.

Nevertheless, I am glad that I made the effort to visit Taska L and Taska T. :)


Good luck to Vanessa, all the best to her! Hope she enjoys herself.

Hope the taska u choose will be the right choice for your kids! :)

Betul tu. Kalau lah saya pandai cakap kadazan, for sure saya ajar my kids cakap kadazan. Sekarang ni pun menyesal juga saya tidak cakap selalu sama dorang BM. Dorang boleh juga cakap tapi sikit sikit lah. Eeee mesti mahu ajar ni sebelum terlambar hehehe.

STP ~ hopefully she'll be happy there.

reanaclaire ~ hopefully so. :)

SJB ~ kami mmg berusaha cakap kadazan sama si Vanessa di ruma.:) Nah, ajar la kama anak2 ko cakap BM..at least bila balik sini senang la dorang communicate sm kazan mazen/kawan2 di sini. :)

tell me about it. sa pun bukan pandai ckp kadazan. kalau bilang faham pun, i think 1-2% saja....

if i have anak later, i'll ask my parents in law to speak kadazan to them. if, i still stay with my in-laws la... :)

Unduiii.. mau p sikul sdh c van2. Mesti comel kan... Hope she will be happy with new environment n meeting new friends.. :D

Wow.. ada klas bahasa kadazan ka.. Hmm! Bagus.. bagus...

Wah! tadika ajar Kadazan?! not bad bah.. frankly I was in the category 'au pandai mobos kadazan' .. hehehe.. betul ka tu??.. Vannie will sure be enjoying her play school .. am planning jg ni mau hantar my youngest masuk play school..

Hi, Mia! So, how's her 1st day?? :-) Ramai la new friends dia ni. It's a good decision especially when you mentioned about the language. Waahh... sya pun nda pass cakap, sayang betul!

chegu carol ~ :) most of my kazen mazen pun cannot speak kadazan bah.

yes, you should ask your in laws to teach your future kids the languange :)

Just ~ hehe..pigi sikul suda..:)

evelyn ~ :)

ChocMintGirl ~ aih..belum lagi ada masa ni mau post pasal Vanessa's first day at school. :) So far, time pagi2 kena hantar dia menangis..bila suda join activity, nda suda menangis.. :)

Hi mama mia, lama tia dengar ni :) hehehe how are you?