Chilled treats

In view of the scorching hot weather, I bet most of us would love to stay indoor as much as possible. Because my house is not equipped with air-conditioner we have to rely on the fans. However, the ceiling fan, although switched on to the max, it is still very hot inside the house. We had to resort to additional help from the standing fan as well. Yup, that’s how hot it is. The maximum temperature outside can go as high as 33 Celsius… don’t play-play ah!

As if the hot weather wasn’t enough torture, there was power failure in our area yesterday afternoon. Huh! What a coincidence?! Vanessa was napping then and I was looking forward to some quiet “mommy time” watching TV, going online or reading a book when suddenly all the electrical appliances went dead! Dang! It certainly killed-off my mood to read. Instead I went to fan the little sleeping beauty, manually. Well, it didn’t take long before the she woke-up. I had expected that. Who can possibly sleep in that kinda heat? Thank God she was not cranky. :)

No TV to watch. No mood to play. Luckily, I had fixed something chilly and yummy earlier on. I have made a bowl of macaroni and fruits salad and the most important thing, it’s chilled to perfection. Just the right thing to have in any hot day!
Nasib baik sempat ambik gambar sebelum habis kena makan...hehe...

It’s so easy to make. All you need are macaroni, canned cocktail fruits or fresh fruits (I combined both), mayonnaise and low-fat plain yogurt. Cook the macaroni for 8-10 minutes, add some sugar and a pinch of salt. Drained the macaroni. Add in the mayo, yogurt and fruits. Mix well all ingredients and chilled before serving. Anybody can make this yummy food… :) We all loved it except Vanessa. She dislikes the sourish taste of the mayo and yogurt.

Knowing that, I had made her these. I named them Crystal-Clear Treasure. Hahaha…don’t mind the fancy name. These cute little ‘treasures’ are made of white agar-agar (jelly) powder, cocktail fruits and sugar. Very appealing, don't you think? My little girl loves them. :)


Hi sis..I can't stand the scorching heat either. I loathe it when comes to parking..and there's no shelter but right under the sun. Imagine, even you steering is hot!
Worst thing is..banyak nyamuk at night...huhu...

MMmm...the macaroni looks buat jugalah nnt...ekekek

wow..i welcome the jelly anytime.. it is so hot hot hot over here too!!!

ya, sama la keadaan dia di sini... rasa macam kana microwave seja :(

suka pula sia tingu tu Crystal Clear Treasure :) I think I'm like Vanessa sbb sia pun inda brapa suka mayo + yogurt.

Yummm...the macaroni and jelly looks yummy...and Yes..It is sooo very hot outside.

its sure is hot..if we took a shower, we still felt hot! looks yummy

HoneyBUZZin ~ ya bah..masak oh tapak tangan bila pigang steering..

byk nyamuk? tempat sia teda pulak..kami anak beranak nda pakai selimut bah sampai pagi.. :)

memeljoan ~ hehe..siok mau makan time2 panas ni..

reanaclaire ~ malaysia is so very hot right now..

Nessa ~ ya lor, mcm kana microwave. even lepas mandi pun masi juga rasa panas..

hihi..nama kamurang pun dekat sama..dua2 ada 'nessa' di belakang..:)

vunhome ~ thanks..

kniedaz ~ betul tu, lepas mandi pun masih rasa panas!

thanks..bestnyer makan benda2 sejuk time2 panas ni..

Suka saya tengok tu Crystal-Clear Treasure hehehe cute bah. Panas panas pun rajin juga kau ah.

SJB ~ sinang ja gia mau bikin, tu la rajin..lagi pun teringin mau makan..

yeah the weather is crazily hot these days! :(

yr agar-agar look so delicious ;)

it's really hot these sendiri pun tia tahan di luar lama2...

Monica ~ thanks.. :)

Angel Bear ~ gila butul ni panas..

Wui mama mia sedap tu salad woh makan sejuk2. I owez buat juga tu but me ada lain sikit gia if me i like to mix raisin, hirisan isi ayam yang halus2 sama tu grape yang bentuk bujur tu hehehehe...cuba lah.

Rajin jg ko aa.. Even simple, tp sia tatap malas. Hehehe..

C Rayyan sia suka tu fruit salad, dia nda suka jelly. Teblk sama c Van2 ko. Heheh..

mau makan bah,Just..terpaksa juga la merajinkan diri..hehe..

bulih tahan si Rayyan ah.. :)