Green Police

You are still using plastic bag to load your groceries? If you do, you better look around before you ask the cashier for one because the Audi Green Police may not be too far behind. *smile*

Who exactly are these fearful Audi Green Police? They are a fictional Green Police unit created by Audi, the German manufacturer of exquisite automobiles. The Audi Green Police, as described in their website, are “caricatures of today’s “green movement” and “a humorous group of individuals that have joined forces in an effort to collectively help guide consumers to make the right decision when it comes to the environment”. The Audi Green Police are here to facilitate our decisions-making, helping us to make a smarter and well-informed decision. As Audi says, “They’re not here to judge, merely to guide these decisions.”

Nevertheless, their Green Police commercial which made their television debut during the 4th quarter of the Big Game on 7th February, received different reaction from the viewers. Some find it amusing while others find it offensive. Either way, the ad is definitely memorable. In it ordinary citizens are arrested for using plastic instead of paper, throwing away batteries, not composting orange rinds, possessing incandescent light bulbs and setting their hot tub thermostat too high. That’s how serious those Green Police are.

Now, are there real Green Police in real life? Yes, there are. Numerous of them. In Israel, the main arm of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in the area of enforcement and deterrence is called “Green Police”. New York has officers within the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation that are affectionately called the “Green Police”. The “Green Police” is what Vietnam Environmental Police Department is popularly known as. And in the UK, they have a group who dresses in green as part of the Environment Agency’s squad to monitor excessive CO2 emissions.


oh i went to JJ the other day, i didnt know it was plasticless, i ended up buying nothing cos i dont hv bags to put my groceries..

I use recyclable plastic bags, does that count? XD

I am certainly a supporter of the go green act. In some countries like China, the supermarkets have stopped providing plastic bags to customers.

Here, they still gave you the plastic bag have to pay ha..ha..

Some place, no plastic bag at all. Good for them kan.

Macam lucu juga "Green Police" hehehe, tapi bagus lah kan. Sebab banyak orang tidak kisah tu.

reanaclaire ~ you saved some $$ that day..hehe..

maslight ~ hehe...

Denesa ~ i wonder when will they start implementing that policy here.In KK, plastic bags are still widely used..

SJB ~ KK baru mau start2 kasi kurang penggunaan plastic. Ramai suda juga yg pakai bag kain tu,me included..hehe..

ya,lucu tp agak melampau juga gia tu. mmg bagus ada GP, tp jgn ja diorang terlebih strict suda la smpi kulit limau nda kena recycle pun kana tangkap..hihi.. to shop like this? hehehe..

bringing our own bags is helping to go green but i always forgot to bring my time will put disposable bag in the car just in case...

Yes...bring your own bag! Not difficult and think of the favour that you're doing for the environment. As a boy, I used to go marketing with my mum and I had to carry her basket, in which she would put what she bought - all wrapped in newspaper. No plastic bags, those days! No problem at all!

hehhehehe.. funny but what to do..for the sake of mother nature..

CAB ~ bring our own bag la,Alv..hehe..

Kniedaz ~ i have one or two bags in the car tapi selalu lupa bawa keluar..:) last2 beli baru..nmpk gaya nak kena ada satu dlm beg la..

STP ~ aiya..nowadays we rarely see ppl using old newspaper as wrap..they prefer to sell them. some ppl are unbelievable,buy a pen pun ask for plastic bag but the moment they're step outside, they throw it away.. *shake head*

Cath J ~ lucu tu iklan kan..

I try not to shop on Saturdays sbb diorang inda bagi plastic bags ba. kalau satu dua barang ok juga tapi kalau shopping tuk satu minggu, nah matai la mo mengangkut suma tu barang2... haha

kalu banyak barang, mmg mau sedia banyak2 beg bah,Nessa..