Cheap eyeglasses

Prescription eyeglasses don’t have to cost a fortune anymore. You can get cheap eyeglasses online. One place I know of is Zenni Being the #1 online Rx glasses store, Zenni offers a wide selection of eyeglasses. Well, they may not be designer glasses but if you are simply looking for a decent pair then why not?

Zenni Optical takes considerable pride in being able to bring to all a very high quality product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices. This is the place to find the lowest price progressive glasses. Zenni are able to offer them at such low price because they have their own factories thus no middlemen and no retail overhead involved.

Since I have never bought from Zenni before, I do not have any personal experience to share. However, I know of one satisfied customer. :) You should read
Eric’s review of Zenni Optical.


Ops! I tot ko mo rekomen mana-mana optometry around KK yg ada cheap glasses. Kebetulan sy mo buat new glasses ni.

But I'll check the site u suggested. Manatau dpt ilham. Hehe

Adora ~ alala ..siou Adora...

Talking about glasses, I need a new one. And mine always cost around RM300. *sigh.

Maslight ~ what to do,Mas? Pricey pun have to get one...

Malas saya mahu pakai glasses oh sakit tu belakang telinga saya hehehe tu lah tu saya pakai contact lens saja.

Hi Mama Mia, nice frames. I have only once changed my frame....and that was when I was 21.
After that I used Rayban Aviators and till today have been using same ones, of course broke a few, but always replacing same kind.

My friends use designer ones, and after 6 months, da la tukar fashion.
Wheres mine never change fashion, and today even many Hollywood actors, actresses use RayBans Aviators.

The day if I were to change, my wife will not let me into the house....she won't recognize me, ha ha, my friends too.

Thank you for your warm thoughts and kind words re my friend Ruby's passing away. I appreciate it.
Best regards, Lee.

SJB ~ terbalik pula kita ni. sia pulak malas mau pakai contact lens.kadang2 saja sia pakai..hihi..

Uncle Lee ~ wah, you're a loyal customer of Rayban,Uncle Lee. have been wearing it for so long that it is now a part of your identity.

You are most welcome. :)