Today's breakfast

By now, I’m sure you all have had your breakfast. Don’t tell me that you skipped breakfast ya. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast will not help us lose weight; but it can get us irritable, restless and tired.

Hmm...what did you have for breakfast today? This is what I had. A piece of char kuey from my favourite stall and a mug of black Nescafe. The char kuey cost RM1.00 a piece. It has been for few years but recently I noticed that the length had been slightly reduced. Why? Price hike in the ingredients. No need to elaborate further la. You guys are smart and can figure it out on your own. :)

Okay, the stall is located outside the vegetable market in Donggongon town. On the sidewalk between the vegetable market and pork market to be exact. Well, the char kuey is not the only thing that the tauke nyong are selling. She also sells buns (butter, tausa, etc), nasi lemak, fried noodles, newspaper and magazines. But the best seller would be the crispy char kuey. Some char kuey are too salty but here it is just ngam ngam. Normally, by 9am, the char kuey are already sold-out. :)

Some of us may prefer to have our char kueykahwin” (married) but I always had mine plain. Char kueykahwin” is made by cutting the char kuey into half and spread with kaya paste on one side and Planta (margarine) on the other half. Then, they were put back together again and so, they were “married”. :)


aduiii lamanya sdh sa tia makan economy food yg kena jual di pasar2. masa masi skul, selalu kena suru ikut mem pigi tulung di bfast pun senang mo bili sana. murah2 tapi sedap.

jam 6pagi durang buka sdh kaitu?

Yum yum my favorite too hehehe. besok saya pigi tu kedai cina hehehe ada tu dia jual :D.

oh oh..its been a long time since i ate char kuey..yummy to eat with kuah kacang

I miss this kind of breakfast. :(

I like char kuey too. I have porridge for my breakfast :)

KK pnya char kuey jg sedap mia.

Sini ada satu chinese stall jual char kuey yg sedap. crispy gitu! 70sen per pc.

Tp sini teda yg kawin pnya la. Ada masa sia suka jg yg kawin pnya. Kalau rasa mau kawin pnya, naa.. terpksa la kasi kawin sendiri.. hahah..

chegu carol ~ part yg murah & sedap tu la yg paling best kan,Chegu? hihi..

6 pagi? doii gia..sia nda tau pulak oh..paling awal sia pigi sana pun pukul 7pagi suda..

SJB ~ hihi..pigi kama..

Kniedaz ~ i never tried it with kuah kacang before..:)

Mummy Gwen ~ :( no char kuey over there ka?

Rosc ~ ramai juga peminat char kuey ni..hihi..

Just ~ :) sini ada juga stall lain yg jual 70 sen satu tapi nda sedap..tida crispy. itu la RM1 satu pun sanggup jg beli bcos sedap..

lagi economy bah kalu kasi kawin sendiri..hehe..

wah...makes me now craving for one...ahhaaha...

Hmmm...looks tasty. I am one guilty person who always skips breakfast though:(

Ohhh long time already tidak makan this..Dulu, selalu beli di pasar malam Keningau.

Here in KL ada juga, but only chinese restaurant. Kalau ada Malay mesti saya beli..:D

I tried the char kuey kahwin in Kuching. Ok lah, sweet and salty with the kaya and butter. I still like the original plain char kuey with porridge or a glass of tea in the morning. hehehe!

And I tasted Sarawak Laksa with some char kuey too. Very appetizing. Yummy!