“ Mommy’s girl not cute anymore.”

:( Sorry guys for not posting any entry lately. Since ALL (boss, colleagues and works) are back in full force, no more goyang kaki in the office…hehehe. Somehow, I managed to have a little spare time today to do this overdue post. I meant to post it yesterday but unable to do so because...paham-paham la.. * smile*

Okay, back to the main topic. Vanessa’s exact words were, “ Ala..tanak mami tida kiu (kiut) suda.” Just look at the long thin line on her face. :(

Last Tuesday morning, Vanessa was so grumpy. Crying and screaming when hubby and I were driving off to work. L So kesian to see her like that but we have to leave her at home. So, to comfort her, my helper let her play at the lawn. The Kakak must have had her eyes off Vanessa’s for a while that she didn’t see the little girl going under the thorny lime (limau nipis/kohopis) tree to grab the dangling fruits. Not only did Vanessa end up with the lime but also a scrape on the epidermis. Thank God it was not her eyeball that was struck by the thorn!

That’s how it happened, according to my helper. *sigh* I am not saying that the Kakak is not doing her job, because I know, it is hard to predict what toddler may do. I am merely voicing out my frustration on her carelessness. My helper is a hardworking person. I am thankful that we have her staying with us. Even my little girl is happy with her. But if she can be a little bit more alert, I will be even happier. Last time, Vanessa was nearly
bitten by the neighbor’s dog while under her care.

Okay, what was done is done. Even if I scold her like mad pun we can’t reverse what had happened. Once again, I warn the Kakak to be more cautious and alert to Vanessa’s movement. We may just not be this lucky next time.


Hiyah Mia...nie la buat sia takut mau cari amah...aduh! cian girl ko, hope tiada permanent scar.

Ouchhh... sikit lg kana tu mata Mia. Doii.. Hrp2 teda kali ke3. Susah jg mau marah sama tu kakak tu.. kadang2 termiss jg tgk tu..

MOB ~ ya bah,Mouren..bikin geram juga tu amah. Mau kurang2 suda tu scar..

Just ~ itu la Just, nasib baik nda kana biji mata. tida bulih jg la bah mo kasi salah dia 100% tp at least dia sbgi urg dewasa pandai la bah expect tindak tanduk budak.Harap2 teda lagi yg ke3..

hi Mama Mia.. i took 3 days off since wed... now i dread going to work on monday..hahaha.. always monday, monday.. moanday.. yes, back to full force too in my office..

reanaclaire ~ i hate monday too...

jess ~ yup...

hi mama mia,

Its me Nora, I've change the URL already ya..just FYI..:P.

alalala.. kesian juga si van-van ni.. I think the Amah dont realy kept on eye on her la.. you should 'tegur' her ..so that it will not happened again.

I do understand sometime susah mau jaga baby tapi its her job and you must remain her that.

Thank God inda kena mata dia.. hope she's doing ok ya!

That's the thing with leaving your kids under someone else's care but I'm glad you little girl is okay.

Yup..should remind your maid about the alertness..

Yup..should remind the maid about the alertness

Nora ~ tukar URL suda? sori ah..lately jarang2 melawat blog ko.

Suda sia tegur my maid. Hopefully, dia faham la..

NickPhillips ~ yes,Nick..that's why some ppl never trust amah to take care of their kids.

Evelyn ~ ya bah, nasib baik. Ok suda tu, just a faint scar left..tida ketara suda.

CAB ~ suda tegur, suda kastau spy more alert..harap2 dia faham la.

Awww poor baby! Hugsy Vanessa! give her a big kiss for me.. :)

Oh dear..poor little girl. Put Bio-oil mummy for the scar. Your maid should buck up on this...being more alert and quick!!

Masi kiut bah si Vanessa :D

Thank God inda kana di mata, siring2 ja tapi bikin takut juga kan. Budak2 memang kana tingu all the time, even 2 seconds pun cukup lama... esp kalau di shopping centre, kajap ilang kalau kita inda alert.

Monica ~ already hug & kiss her for u :)

Mummy Gwen ~ Bio-oil? that's for sure. I alredy put it on the scar.

as for my maid, eventhough i've told her to be more alert, but i still find myself reminding her from time to time..

Nessa ~ hehe...

Sia nokotigog ba bila my mum said mata dia dekat suda kana cucuk duri kohopis. Tapi nasib baik la di luar saja.

eiii..sia takut bah mau kasi biar2 anak wandering around di shopping centre,takut kana 'tapau' penjahat..

Aduhhh kalo budak memang sekejap jak tu inda kena tinguk ada seja dia buat kan. Like Just said, harap2 teda kali ke3. Itu maid tu pun mo kena kasi ingat balik2 tu, asal seja si Van pigi tempat yang bukan2 trus ambil, bukan biar seja...

Ya bah,Crystal..memang balik2 kami remind dia suda ni.

no matter how we try to protect our kids can..susah juga mau 100% safe..tingu my kids..my MIL jaga pun..jatuh lah..bedarah sana sini lah..bukan cakap nda kena jaga..tapi kadang2 budak nie susah mau cakap..nasib ok juga si Van..

i agree with you, Ty. Budak2 ni unpredictable..we'll never know just what they might do. That's why la sia tida la jugak marah2 gila babas at my maid...