Cherishing the moment

The holidays are over. But why oh why am I still in holiday mood? Somehow, I got a feeling that I am not the only one. LOL.

I’ve cleaned up my desk, my In and Out tray, filed some loose documents into its files, etc. Now, I don’t have anything to do in the office. Most of my Muslim colleagues and superiors will only be in next Monday. So, it is so peaceful and quite in the office. I am sooo enjoying this rare blissful moment. Even the phone is extremely quiet, adding to the tranquility. It has been that way since yesterday and hopefully, it’ll stay like that until tomorrow evening…*fingers crossed* … hahahaa…..

Since the line is all clear. I grabbed the chance to browse for a new layout. I found a few but am still considering which one I prefer the most. *smile* Okay, I may have abused the office hours and the internet facility, but what am I suppose to do to kill off some time? Hehe…my boss better not find out about this or else I might end up kena goreng sotong and be part of the country’s jobless statistic! *wink*


Aik.. sama pula perasaan kita ni :D Nanti hujung2 tahun, perasaan ini akan datang kembali. Bersiap sedialah hehehhe Anyway, bos ko ndak akan marah tu. Silap2 dia kasih kuih raya lagi sm ko :D Klu bukan kuih raya pun, dia blanja ko makan sotong goreng hahaha :D

Hehehe.. bergumbira sementara buli kan mia.. Ofis kami pun sunyi ja ni. The Malays teda, the bosses teda... apa lg, tanduk pun kluar. Kekkeke...

Changing layout?? Adehh.. blm lg dtg kerajinan sia ni. :D

haha ya ba,sunyi tul kan skg. Bila lg mo tukar theme if not now kan,nti sd busy trus rasa malas2 tul mau tukar ni.

hi-5! you're definitely not the one and only one!

From me to you, suejean =)

Don't worry, u're not the only one. Earlier I thought everyone goes back at 5pm but cleaner lady told me I can leave at 4:30pm @_@"" omg and I was like, but why? XD

I'm still in holiday mood too and there really is absolutely nothing to do at work. I've just been downloading games all day ... LOL!

Hi Mama Mia. hehe everyone is still in holiday mood! anyway the weekend is coming, so yay! ;)

hey, me same situation with u.. office not many people.. so can relax a bit..but tomorrow or monday will be back to normal la.. sigh...

Hey.. me too. Fell bored but yet calm.. most of my collegues still on Raya holiday..

Ornest ~ hehe...betul tu, sia setuju, perasaan ini pasti kembali time hujung2 tahun. Kuih raya dr boss? tapun2 saja la..:D

Just ~ ya bah, Just.rugi kalu kita tida ambil ni kesempatan. Pasal tu layout, sia saja2 bah tu cari2 tp yg sebenarnya, sia pun bulum rajin lagi..hahaha...

Mell_f~ begitu la bah kunun tu mel, tapi masalahnya sia malas pulak skrg ni :p

SJ ~ hahaha...

maslight ~ LOL.

NickPhillips ~ hehe..see I am not the only one who are using the company's facility to the fullest..

Monica ~ yay!! it's friday!! i can't wait for this day to end.

reanaclaire ~ it is relaxing indeed..but this moment will end soon.

Kecian ko kan mia, keraja sdh...ehehhe...relak2 ja bah di opis...:)

Looks like everybody's in the same boat.. haha

Ba, guyang kaki seja la kita dulu sebelum tu karaja datang bertimbum-timbum sampai susah mo benapas! :D

Tu supplier2 nasi lemak di kadai2 pun masih bercuti... tepaksa makan roti canai ja for lunch :(

Same here... I guess most of the muslim buddies on leave 'til next week. It's very quiet & the traffic in KL is smooth too! Anyway, it's weekend again!...

Memeljoan ~ gitu la ni,Mel..guyang kaki kasi abis karan sj ni..hihi

Nessa ~ ya bah,Nessa. time2 begini harus dinikmati sepenuhnya ba. roti canai pun sodapp ba :D

Dora ~ hehe...

oops!! Curi tulang arrr he he he

Doi, sama la kita ni. Tada mood kerja. Nasib baik dpt balik awal pkul 3pm ja, ofis trus kosong.hahaha

DL Sumunie ~ hehe...bukan selalu :D

Adora ~ deii..mogot poh dapat balik awal, sia terpaksa juga balik ni tunggu smpi 6pm...

abusing office hour..? (^_^) mari kita nyi sama2.. "that's the way.. aha aha..i like itttt" :)

gini la bah ni kn,, mesti pndai guna peluang yg ada.. yg penting..kalau ada keja..memang la kita keja kn? hehe


'You are not alone' MJ's song pulak..haha
Yes same here in our office..I could hear my echo in our office hall quiet and peaceful but at the same time I wish our Muslim friends around that time with their Raya cookies ;-)

yes,betul tu Nc, sia setuju! :) kalu ada kerja, mana la senang hati mau pigi buat activity lain kan..

yes,betul tu Nc, sia setuju! :) kalu ada kerja, mana la senang hati mau pigi buat activity lain kan..

haha..cant help it too.. d ofis i browse bloggers.

kat rumah tak cukup masa, and malam dah too tired.

i also kat ofis.. what to do? at home no time to browse... too tired bila malam.