Panic at the shopping mall...

Yesterday, hubby and I went jalan-jalan at Centre Point. Its been a while since our last visit. Hubby was looking for a new pair of sandal/slipper. His old one already worn-out. Its hard to find the one that is both comfy and with affordable price. Hush Puppies was very comfy BUT pricey cancel lor. We end up checking out all the shoes shop available in the building...*LOL*
All of a sudden, teda ribut, teda angin, some security guard rushed to the upper floor...much to the surprise of the shoppers...we were no exception. Hmm...must be a pick-pocket caught in the act I thought. A few minutes later, the security guards was dragging a teenage of the many that loiters in the mall. In a blink, the escalator was crowded with teenagers. The boy in custody was shouting to another boy.I guess it must be a gang fight. Guards were trying to control the situation, asking the crowd to leave but in vain.

In the midst of the chaos, hubby sempat lagi snap these pics from my Hp camera before going on with our objective...looking for his sandal that is. Hehehe... Just look at the crowd, despite the guards intruction to leave, they did exactly the opposite!

After trudging into all the shoe shop, finally hubby settled for a pair of Kangaroo sandal. Itu pun after banyak kali fikir. The price is within the budget but the sandal was not as comfy as Hush Puppies...tapi bulih la.


too many PATI there, lebih-lebih lagi kalu musim cuti baru p cp ari enam tu, tp mgkn sa nda sempat tingu tu kejadian, hehehe..ada adaaa jak kan hehe

I don't know how long ago i visited centre point. I stop going there coz I was so scared to see 'them' loitering there

Luckily kamu tidak apa2..sbb takut kena tempias bah kan

I love going Kompleks Karamunsing our very own Low Yatt hehehe

hmmn pasal tu lah we never go to CP weekend..too many PTI ;) but luckily nothing serious happen & u both manage to accomplish yer mission :D

Greg,Phil & Jppmom ~ tu la pasal byk PATI berkeliaran la kmi pn jarang2 p CP suda...nasib baik kmi teda apa2..:)

kobie ~ kebetulan bah kami limpas dekat tangga tu, tetiba kecoh pulak..

me jarang go CP suda...i think not so safe to bring kids there, place not kids friendly

ya bah!! the last time i went to CP, ramai betul tu pilks sana..bikin takut nie..terus sia tia mau p sudah p sana..

Jasica ~ nasib baik tu ari kami nda bawa anak.

kadus ~ ya bah Ty, dorang sj momopoly bah tu CP..