How to write resignation letter?

Hate your job that you wanna quit? Are you honest enough to tender a resignation letter or rather a memo just like these ? Any boss will faint reading them…LOL. On the other hand, a letter like this will earn you a place in their memory. You’ll be remembered forever by your boss, err… ex-boss *wink *
memo 1
memo 2
memo 3

Have a nice weekend folks! :)


kebetulan sia baru kasi boss sia no surat cinta..hmm sia rasa memo no.3 tu mcm yg sia kasi lah..heheheeh anyway nice post!!! ;)

hehe..ko mo berhijrah p company lain suda? bah harap2 tmpt kerja baru ko lebih baik dr yg skrg la..all the best :)

kwang kwang kwang...I soooo like the 3rd one.. :LOL:

hahahahhaaa!! if i were to tender my resignation letter macam nie..pengsan terus boss sia baca..

LOL! Yang last letter tu baru la ada ooomph!! :D

Jppmom,kadus & nessa ~ it's hilarious kan..Mana2 boss pun konfom pengsan kalu dpt surat mcm ni..LOL