..and the winner is…

Team HK, Vince and Sam. They were the first to arrive at the last pit stop in the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand and become the officially winners of TARA Season 3. They bagged home the prize money of USD100,000. Congratulations boys! Sure am glad to see them win instead of the annoying G. If the Team Philippines won, G will definitely do that dance of his and be grinning from ear to ear. Ahh…can’t bear to see that!

Our team, Tania and Ida was in the 3rd place. If only they managed to get on the same flight (Dubai-Bangkok) with the rest, it may turnout to be a different story at the end. Nevertheless, I’m proud of them. Once they were at the last spot but had successfully made their way back. Bravo! Whoever managed to finish a race like this, dubbed the toughest race ever, deserved a big applause, regardless whether they win or not. It’s a lifetime achievement!


Actually kan, sia keciwa betul sbb drg c Ida nda menang... misti la ba mau sukung M'sia team kan... But, oso glad that the couple team nda menang... kikikiki...

heheh nasib bukan tu team plpne yg menang, sa nda suka bah tu,buli tahan jg la dorg team si Ida, maknanya team Malaysia memang kuat2perempuan dia hehehe

ya bah Just, Kobie..sia nda puas hati klu tu team plpne yg menang. kuat2 jg pompuan msia ni, tiap2 season masuk finale & dlm top 3 jg...

sia nda tingu TARA.. :( jadi nda tau apa perkabaran..yang sia tau malaysia masuk top 3 lah..
Mio..can u do me a favor..kasi tukar gia blog link sia p kadusmama.com.. :) Tenkiu..

hehe..bulih bah kalu ko ty..sia tukar la tu link