Is this the sign ??

Went out for lunch today and I did the silliest thing, again…I forgot to bring along the office’s keys. I locked them inside the office. Argghh…what was I thinking. Well, this is the 2nd time I locked in my keys inside. Hmm…is this the sign that I’m getting older? Getting forgetful? Nope not….I’m not that old yet. Am I ? Common, am not even 30 yet…

This time I was lucky again bcos my colleague who is supposed to fly to KL today was still at home. I have to call him and asked him to come with his keys. Luckily, he doesn’t live that far. Worse, what if he was already on the plane. Matai la….Can’t imagine what I’m going to do. Probably knock down the know, like the cops in the TV…Ceh! Bagus kalau kuat kan…!

By the way, my other colleague can’t help either. He was on leave today. He and family were already heading to Labuan via Menumbuk. The 1st incident, he was already on his way to help the other colleague in the installation of new computers in KWSP when I called him. I felt bad and guilty bcos he had to drive all the way back here again..thanks to my carelessness. That time fuel price is still high you know… :(

You guys got any remedy or tips on how to curb this forgetfulness thingy?! Share-share la with me…

Anyway, its weekend again. Have a nice weekend with your loved ones. Me got to attend 2 weddings…wedding season is in town in conjunction with the school holiday. :) Every weekend got invitation.


i got one, try placing a 3M note on your monitor - "Keys"

Hehehe ko pnya cerita reminded me of mine. But mine happened at home, ngam2 jg seblah pintu tu tingkap so sy buka tingkap kasi masuk tangan and pusing tombol.

Now, sy p attach keychain sy with benda2 penting yg misti sy bawa hari2 example, my fon atau my purse.

I linked u without permission. sorryyy...hehehe

eh..sia bulum komen sini pulak..
macam besa lah mio..ambi lah Gingko biloba..might help a bit there

Make a note in your hp and don't 4get to set the alarm..ehehhe

same!!! im such a forgotton girl either!! or should i say, WOMAN! huhu..

dont worry, we're in the same shoes!! my dad always told me to list down things that i need to carry with me..

btw, ive changed my blog to private.. can i have ur email? :)..

thanks... have a nice day mama mia!!

Thanx all for your tips, I might try all the tips given..hehe..

Nayden79 ~ byk butul bah ni kunci ofc..its so bulky if kept in pocket all the time...Anyway, abt the link, no worries...;)

Ninie Jane~ my email add :

Put spare keys I've got in my parents' house and my in-laws' house.

hehe okay mama mia.. added you already :)

take care aa.. hehe