Been unwell since yesterday...my sleep was disturbed by this excruciating pain in the stomach, diarrhoea and gastric…went to see the Doc and was given some medicines and one day medical leave yesterday. Diarrhea = frequent visit to the loo…bencinya!! Doc said, maybe I salah makan…which is so true bcos the day before I had been eating out…breakfast , lunch and dinner. Spicy and sour food some more…nah, ini la akibatnya!! Who else to blame but me, yours truly.

This morning, stomach still upset…but have to go to work *sigh* . As the day progresses, I’m feelin’ a lil bit better. Thank God I’m responding well to the meds.

Since our internal auditor from KL is coming tomorrow, have to ensure all documents are ready. Got to do some office cleaning as well before leaving for home this evening.


Kesian ko, memang sakit tu...if gastric, bah u take care ya rajin makan ubat;)

Aduh, sia paling inda suka diarrhoea. Sengsara btul ba. Harap you're feeling much better. Jan makan telampau pedas punya makanan gia len kali... pandai cakap, sendiri pun sama juga! Hehe

yati & nessa ~ Tq. Sihat2 suda skrg ni.Insaf la sia dr mkn spicy & oily food ni..tp nda tau la brpa lama ja tahan nda mkn pedas...;p

Uhhh I tell you...saya pernah kena acute diarrhoea...itu ubat tiada kesan ohh...so I stayed near the toilet saja..if not..tidak sempat nanti melepas...hehehe

U take care k...kena byk minum air lah ni kan..kalo saya kan..saya pi kunyah tu daun jambu batu yg muda2 tu..br ok

Tq inobong proper. ni la byk minum air trus balik2 lg pigi kencing..hehe..

wah, bagus ni ada tips. Kunyah sj ka? Nda payah telan tu daun?

hope you feel better now.. macam a few ppl I know got sakit2 perut these few weeks oh. take care ya.

Do take care. Perhaps keep the spicy food for lunch/dinner. I get the runs too if I eat too spciy for breakfast - but it does make a great natural method to clear the plumbing system when I feel like a good detox - just eat very spicy in the morning. Who needs laxatives?

Valtay ~ Yup, got a good detox indeed but the gastric that I dreaded the most...