Ouch! It hurts...

Spent the whole weekend at home, having quality time with daughter. I patiently layan all her antics which include playing with her toy piano, running around, supervising her at the stairs, stopping her from grabbing the cat’s tail etc. It’s tiring especially the carrying her around, all 10kg…*sigh * Hopefully I burned some calories along the way…LOL. A look at her happy face and a flash of her magic smile make the tiredness go away. I guess, this is the factors that make a mother can endure all the pain and suffering…some time beyond our imagination.
Okay, back on track. While having happy-happy time, out of a sudden daughter started biting my left shoulder. Ouch! Told her politely to stop doing so bcos it hurts…she gave me that innocent smile and stopped but only for a while. Then the second, third and few more bites follows…she didn’t stop despite my warning until I left her alone at the couch. Said I’m going away bcos daughter don’t want her mommy anymore that she began to cry and scrambled down the couch to get her mommy. Ah…this tactic always work…after that no more bites.. but she refused to be put down lah pulak…afraid mommy’ll leave her. Aiyaa…* a slap on the forehead *

Biting is often associated with tooth coming out, making the gum all itchy. This is most probably what daughter going through right now since her saliva is drooling like tap water again. But in the same time, I’m afraid the biting will become a habit. She often bites her grandma on the arms and shoulders as well. Kesian her grandma…since she is diabetic, the bite marks will turn into bruise and takes a few days or sometime a week long before it disappear. Forget the teeter, daughter's interest in it has long gone.

So, all the experienced mommy or daddy out there…got any useful tips on how to curb the biting and/or clingy problem? Please share them. Me, trying to curb it at an early age bcos bad habit die hard.


Uiii.. kesian ko kana gigit2... hehe

I don't remember both my sons biting me when they were teething, mungkin ada tapi sia lupa suda... a long time ago suda ba.

But I do remember my sister rubbing this type of cream on her daughter's gum. She was crying non-stop becos of the teething pain. Sayang skali, sia tida tau the name of the cream. Maybe you can try ask the nurses at the clinics.

ya bah Nessa..tiba2 ja bah dia menggigit..bikin tekejut sj..

uiyoooooo!!!!!! punya sakit kena gigit tu mio! my daughter pun pernah mengigit, tapi bukan sia yang kena gigit, my previous maid..hahahha!! kesian bahu biru2..
But during my son, hmmmm...kena gigit masa mau breasfeed him, nah nda ko telumpat kena gigit!! hahaha di 'sana' lagi tu..but don't worry..kalau ko consistently remind ur daughter she cannot bite ppl, dia paham juga tu nanti..sabar saja lah..

*Sorry tia sempat jumpa ko yesterday and forgot to inform you about it..teda dreber bulih hantar.. :(

kadus ~ sabar ja la Ty. Hopefully lama2 dia paham la tu nda bulih gigit urg...:)

sia pun bz pulak spnjg hari kemarin with all the personal errands mo dubuat, nama sj cuti..

nda pa la, there's always nex time bah kan..mana tau sia p KL pulak..:)

deii..salah2 bah sia taip.

correction - bersabar sj la sia ni Ty. Bz jg sia spnjg hari kemarin, byk personal errands mo dibuat

My niece pun started to bite his brother suda oh.. bad habit, kasian tangan nephew sy, aritu lg kana gigit jari.. wakakaka.. I think time2 mo tumbuh gigi seja baitu dia menggigit, after that nda suda..

Have nice weekend...

nayden ~ harap2 gitu la...:)