Tonight is the night….

Yup, toninght we'll know who will arrive first at the last pit stop for the race around the world. Tonight is the finale of the Amazing Race Asia 3! I'm all excited already, can't wait to see who will bag home the Grand Prize and be USD100,000 richer. Will it be our very own Tania & Ida? Team Philippines, Geoff and Tisha? Or will it be the Hong Kong buddies, Vince and Sam?
Hmm, despite all the excitement, I'm also sad at the same time bcos after this, no more race to be anticipated every Thursday nite. Have to wait for the Season 4 which is such a long wait lagi…:(

Whatever it is, there’s no way I’m going to miss tonight’s episode. I’ll be ready in front of the TV just before it starts. Don’t wanna miss a thing on this last adventure. Haha

All the best to Ida & Tania…hopefully lady luck is at their side tonight!


Wah...sama minat pula kita ni. I never missed TAR and TARA since season one. I've blogged them somewhere else hehehe

Hope the Malaysian wins tonight!

in TAR 13, i'm following siblings Nick & Starr :)

hehe..I'm rooting on Nick & Starr too in the TAR 13.

Ala Mia..I was so disappointed last nite.

How is it possible, the Moms didn't get the flight sedangkan diorg sampai dulu di airport? They made the same mistake done by Henry and Bernie :(

alah..!!! malaysia nda menang mio.. :( walaupun sia tia tingu..but sia pun harap malaysia menang..

ya bah kan Phil, frust butul bah sia bila dorang nda dpt tu flight.

itu la Ty, broken-hearted suda sia ni...;(

Diorang punya flight la tu yang kasi rusak everything... aiyah, kenapa la dorang inda ikut the other 2 teams! Tapi sia hepi sbb bukan si G & T yang menang.,. yay!! :D

tu la Nessa, silaka butul. Syukur la dorang si G & T nda menang,kalau la dorg yg menang mangkali sia trus off TV o..LOL!