Weekend mood...

Yey, its Friday again! Thankfully it is free and easy in the office today. I found myself glancing at the clock every now and then, another 1 hour and it’s time to go home…ketara butul tida sabar-sabar suda mau pulang ni…LOL!

Okay, in my last post, I mentioned about my new read, a book by
Patricia Cornwell . No, no….I have not finish reading it. Err, well, I don’t think that I’ll be reading it any longer. Why? Because I have just returned it to its rightful owner, the library. As with the other Dr Kay Scarpetta series’ books, it is loaded with so many medical jargons yang memeningkan kepala. Well, I did managed to read through a few chapters though but *sigh* that’s as far as my brain can tolerate with those tongue-twisting, brain-squeezing medical terms. Simply put, I am really, really not in the mood and/or too lazy to layan them…menyiksa kapla otak ku ja. Hehe..maybe some other time la….

So, what book do I have in hand now? Le’t see, here are two books in totally different categories. One --- ROMANCE and the other--- BAKING. Yeah, that’s right…ROMANCE! Ahaks… I know, I know, I hardly read romance book, but this one is an exception. It is certainly not the type that is full of drama, love, betrayal bla, bla, bla… At the back of the book, it says that it’s a comical romance, laugh aloud blockbuster, deliciously witty satire etc. Now I’m only at the 3rd chapter, but I’m loving it. No regrets borrowing this one…hehe…Oh, nearly forgot the title, Azur Like It..(Azur as in Cote d'Azur, France) by Wendy Holden.

About the other book, well, it is just for fun…suka-suka saja. Found it on the Returned Book Cart. Flipped thru a few pages, looked at the colourful illustrations, I’m impressed..(not to mention drooling over the yummy-looking cakes hehehe…) that I decided to borrow this 360 pages thick hardcover, heavy recipe book. Mana la tau... among the 1,001 classic cake recipes in it, I might want to try one or two of the simple recipe…hahahha…macam la terrer bikin cake kan… ;p

Okay la, enough la me rambling …Enjoy your weekend ya ! :)


bah, dun 4get to share2 klu recipe ada yg best2 aa... :-D

Happy weekend Mia.. Sy pun baru mau berjinak2 kumpul novel ni.. English and Malay.. So far so good.. Ba, good luck in you reading..

I live for weekends ... hehehe ...

Enjoy your weekend :D

hi.. not enjoying my weekend.. ada meeting dari pagi sampai petang..n tired..huhu... enjoy your weekend :) hope one day i have my own kitchen .. :)

Sia baru mo membaca Little Women By Louisa M. Alcott tapi tu sia downlod dr internet la. Teda masa mo pi library sama teda duit mo bili buku :(

Ba, kalau suda buat kek tu, share2 la gambar dia ah :D