The devil wears Prada

The book by Lauren Weisberger was published in 2003. The movie came in 2006 starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway among others. Okay, okay, I am perfectly aware that this is old news, sooooo yesterday. But why talk about it now? Well, believe or not, I have not read the book or watch the movie yet….haha…see la how ‘ketinggalan’ I am…

Have I mentioned before that I am a loyal visitor of the State Library, Penampang Branch? Anyway, I am. Duh! Last week, I went to the library to return and to borrow new books at the same time. However, I was frustrated that I can’t find any book that I am interested in. I have read all the available books by my fav authors, so I need to find others but not too sure whether I will like it or not. So there I was, browsing the books, shelf by shelf, reading the synopsis at the back. As I was about to give-up, I found this book. After going through a few pages, I liked it. So, that’s how I end-up with this ‘old’ book. :)

Now after a week, I haven’t read much of it. Out of 360 pages, I am only at page 50…hahaha..if I am reading at this pace, and then I definitely have to renew the return date. LOL.


i prefer the book better than the movie. :)

this reminds me that my niece haven't return this book to me for almost 2 yrs now!

Unlike you, I have not been to any library after graduating from Uni.

hehehe..dulu tem sy rajin lg p lebri..slalu sy nampak tu buku..tapi sy kasi limpas ka?sy xda pun tngk movie dia..hehe..nt kestau sy aa...buli sy p pinjam di dbku..

hehehee...ko pun masih p library kah mio?? punya main bagus..
Sia bulum baca lagi tu buku..lain kali lah..teda masa mau baca buku bah..

I saw the movie, OK la... but I haven't read the book.

Tengah scouring for cheap 2nd hand books ni :)

Your post just reminded me that I'm running out of books to read la ... LOL! Time to go hunt for more soon :D

i'm reading 3 books now, meaning... half way sambung satu, after awhile, bukak yang satu. Then sambung ya dulu, then sambung yang no 3, then balik to no 2.... entah bila nak abis.

Chegu Carol ~ biasanya memang begitu la kan, the book is always better than the movie..

LittleInbox ~ must be a long time oredi kan...:)

MummyZuan ~ hehe..sampai skrg sia bulum lagi abis baca

KadusMama ~ masi lagi bah sia p library Ty. Library Ppg ni byk buku lama tp kureng buku baru..:)

Nessa ~ so far, i enjoy my reading tapi bulum abis baca lg baini. hehe..sia pun selalu melawa kedai 2nd book ni...:)

NickPhilips ~ hihi..another Clive Cussler book perhaps?

Ida Athanazir ~ wah, like that also can ka? u don't get mixed-up ka the stories Ida? anyway, happy reading...:)