Ideas/tips/suggestions, please...

Still remember the skirt that I ‘accidentally’ (such a lame excuse huh?!) bought last month? Yup, that’s the one, the unnecessary purchase *eyes rolling*. As I said before, I regretted buying it then. Now, I regret it even more. *sigh *

Well, there is nothing wrong with the skirt, no defect whatsoever. I still like the color and the style, but I find it quite difficult to mix and match. Apart from matching it with a black top, I don’t really know what else would match it. So far, I have only worn it once, with a black top of course. I would like to wear it more often but don’t want to pair it with a plain, black top every time *sigh*. So, I’m hoping you guys can give me some tips/ideas/suggestions on how to mix and match this skirt. Thank you. :)

On a different note, I have finished reading The Devil Wears Prada…hehe..finally. My verdict, I love it. Page by page, it was fun to read. It was so gutsy of Andrea (the main character) to tell-off her devilish boss to go f*ck herself and left. Although the bold outburst got her fired but if I’m in her shoes, I’ll do exactly the same thing. LOL. Padan muka tu boss..kotoh!!! If you haven’t read it yet, and happen to be in search for some light reading, then you should consider this book. You won’t regret it. * smile* Okay, I am looking forward to start on the Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell, another book borrowed from the library...:)


I wish I can fired my boss...uhhu! Wawaawa...pinjam buku dari library jgk ko ni. Oh ya..tu skirt bah, ngam pakai blouse warna putih...kalu sia lah.

Ni ka pulak tu skirt Mia. Sorry to say, not my taste pulak. Anyway, i think other than black top, white top pun ok jg kali. Orange maybe. Wahahaha.. Try lerr... :D

besides black, whitish blouse would be nice too with a pair of white earrings.. and perhaps a simple necklace...
perhaps one day, u should wear it and snap a pic of yourself and let us see.. then we can comment better.. hehee...

emmm.. aiyayayaii.. pada pendapat sya la kan.. bgs cari baju yang berbunga2 jg or plain color.. plain color shud be okay :)

maybe u could match it with plain white baby-T, or sleeveless collared white blouse. Or mix with other colour of plain top, like olive green..

mia,is it green,yellow and white ka tu skirt ko tu? pa kata ko match dgn plain white,plain yellow or plain green?kalau sy ok juga tu.ko pakai tube putih dengan cardigan hijau.cadangan jak,kadang kadang saya ni buta kaler juga..hehehe..

I agree with Reana Claire. Mo tingu ko punya gambar with the baju and skirt... baru buli komen dengan lebih 'terang'... hehe

Sia teda skirt with flowery print so sia inda pandai kasi advice. But I think it shud go with plain colored tops... kalau semua berbunga macam too heavy ba kan.

MOB ~ ekeke..ko pun peminjam yg setia kan Mouren? Tq for the suggestion.

Just ~ :) sia pun not really into flowery skirt like this bah.tapi ntah pa mcm, sia tersuka & terbeli pulak tu ari.Anyway, tq for the suggestion.

reanaclaire ~ Tq for the suggestion. Yeah, perhaps one day...:)

Nadia ~ sia rasa i'll go with plain color..kalu atas bawah pakai yg berbunga2 mcm too much going on pulak kan Nadia? Thx for the opinion kio mandak.

Jasica ~ Tq for the idea :)

Mummy Zuan ~ actually kan, color dia, orange, black & white bah..tia brp jelas pulak dlm gambar. Anyway, tq my fren for the idea..:)

Light yellow top or gray blouse ok or not?

pakai white blouse or soft green colour blouse..
Black can juga..tapi nda berapa..! Pale yellow pun ok juga bah!! :)
Ko try satu2 mana yang ngam..

try white shirt o sleevless, o plain yellow, o wit cardigan white wit plain pale green/yellow...cadangan ja :D

Normally for printed top/skirt, I'll match it with plain skirt/top. For your skirt, you can match it wt plain colors such as cream, white, yellow, earthly/olive green, orange, brown or even peach :)

Nessa ~ lebih 'terang' ar Nessa? tapi sia malu bah suma urang nampak..hihi..

sia pun rasa too heavy bah kalu atas bawah pakai pakaian, i agree on plain tops.

Little Inbox, KaDusMama, Jppmom & Aunty J ~ Tq all for your suggestions. Now i have more ideas to explore...:)...

The book you mentioned came out in the movies too. Ermm...I think white, yellow and green tops look good with the skirt.

Mummy Gwen ~ Which book? The Devil Wears Prada or Book of the Dead? The previous, yes, there's a movie but haven't watch it yet. But am not so sure about the latter.

Tq for the suggestion ya, appreciate it very much. :)

hi mama mia,, thanks for visiting my page ya,, im follower now as well,, dont forget to share some tips n advice on this whole wedding thingy :)

the skirt,, looks nice actually,, u can pair with either a black or white top. for a different touch,, wear it with any color that is present in the skirt :)

haha..mcm la sia pndai sgt ber fesyen pla,,
:) nyway,, just some suggestions

NC, thank you, thank you. Bah, nanti i share-share la some tips kio.

Thank you also for your suggestions..:)

Other that black, plain white, beige, dark green, dark brown, ko try la bawa pi kedai kalo ko mo shop for baju, ko kasi match.

Erm sia rasa tu skirt buli kasi match sama warna2 yang ada di skirt tu.. Example white, green, light green, orange, yellow ataupun cream.. Tops yang plain sesuai sa rasa coz kalu pakai tops yang berbunga juga, takut nanti orang nampak ko macam taman bunga pulak.. hehe good luck mix and matching..

nak match colour lain dgan skirt yang berbunga bunga tu memang challenging sikit...

cuba match dgan light color, tegok apa effect... heh heh..