I'm back

After a week long break. Hehe…now I’m a bit blur, mong cha cha on what’s happening in the blogosphere during my absence. I just hope that I didn’t miss a lot, did I? Anyway, I will be doing some catching-up. I will be making my round, visiting your blog soon. *wink*

Okay, what I did on my long break? I spent the first 2 days, looking for an orange color blouse to go with my black skirt for BIL’s wedding reception on June, 01. Orange theme color? A rather unusual choice I guess as most couples will go for pink, blue, red or purple color for their wedding theme. Anyway, I raided all the clothes shops there in Wisma Merdeka, Segama and Centre Point and still no luck. Fortunately, I was alone on my quest. If only hubby had tagged along, he probably had fainted. LOL!

Sure, there were a lot of blouses and dresses in orange color, but the right one is just hard to find. Honestly, orange is not my favourite color, so every time I tried an outfit in that particular color, I felt something wrong with it. If it’s not the fabric, then it’s the style I don’t like etc, etc… At the end of the day, I didn’t find the blouse that suits me but I found a skirt instead. * sigh* Lain yang dicari, lain pulak yang dibeli…:p. It was an unnecessary purchase. But it’s too late to return it by then. * sigh*

I continue the search the next day. Finally, I found the right blouse. The fabric and style all ngam, at City Mall. Ceh! If only I went there first, it would have save me a lot of time. And the most important thing is, I would not end-up buying the skirt. :(

On May 31, hubby, daughter and I went to Keningau. No visiting the KDCA for the Kaamatan highlight. Hmm, even if I was in KK, I doubt that I would want to hustle with the crowd there. I rather stay at home…hehe. I only found out the winner of this year’s Unduk Ngadau thru the paper on the next day. All three of my favourite contestants were in the final, Papar (the winner), Penampang (3rd place) and Likas (7th place).

On June 01, the whole family and relatives (hubby’s side) in Keningau attended BIL’s Holy Matrimony Mass in SFX Cathedral,Keningau. Besides BIL and bride, there were 3 other couples. The Mass ended around noon time. Everybody was becoming impatient, sweating and hungry altogether. But still have to go thru the photo session. We only snapped a few group photos and tried to finish the session as quick as possible. However, it must have felt like eternity to all the other couples and their family and friends for I overheard some grumpy talk on my way to the door. I pity them but what to do? Things like this were to be expected when there is more than one couple to be wedded on the same day.

So, like that la my rojak story…hehe.. This weekend we will be heading back to Keningau again for BIL's wedding reception, groom's side.


tepigi keningau jua ko ya mama mia.. hehe..

Welcome back!
By the way, I don't have an orange blouse in my closet too.

Yayy... Orange Theme!! Mmg susah mau pilih baju kalau mcm ni kan Mia. Nasib baik jumpa jg. Haaha.. sampai terbili skirt lg tu. Kekeke...

Ba, kasi tgk la gmbr2 sekalian mia. Heheeh...

AnnieMing ~ ya bah, bisuk mau pigi lagi :)

LittleInbox ~ hehe.. dont think orange color really match my skin color, that's why never bother to one before.

Just ~ bila SIL cakap sj orange theme, trus sia risau bah mo cari baju Just. nasib baik jumpa juga akhirnya..kurang asam butul tu skirt..:)

Will do, will do. Nanti la sia upload kio..

Wah, busy schedule... tapi siok ada keramaian. Orange? Hmmm... jarang sekali, kalo peach pernah la. Nda apa la ko simpan tu skirt for this coming reception hehe... Save time suda mo cari2. ;) Anyway, have fun!! :)

Welcome back mama....HUGS HUGS HUGS

jarang org pilih orange as a theme kan? tapi ok juga kadang2..lain dari yg lain..it would look unique ;)

Hai mama mia...ini hari 6/6/2009 ramai orang kawin. Sumunie limpas church near by sumunie punya rumah pun ada 7 buah kereta pengantin..pengsan lah tu father kasi kawin urang ini hari....

ChocMintGirl ~ ya bah, busy & penat ni. Nmpknya sia reserve la tu skirt utk future use, groom reception theme dia purple..recycle ja baju lama.

HoneyBuzzIn ~ :)...

Inobong Proper ~ ya bah Phil,ni last 1st wdg yg sia attend with orange color theme..;)

DL Suminie ~ ya bah, santik bah kunun tu haribulan.

atuoi,7 buah kreta pengantin = 7 pasang pengantin la tu.. mmg pengsan la tu paado.penuh sesak la tu church kan, misti ada la yg marah2 lmbt smpi giliran bergambar dpn altar..hehe..

Welcome back mama mia..:)