My umbrella, ella, ella, ella ,eh,eh...

These few days, I noticed that Vanessa was getting lazy or rather bored with her daily chore as fish feeder. This morning, instead of scooping the fish food patiently from the can, she poured out the whole contents at one go. She also plays the ball less frequent. I guess she was just bored playing with maid @ Kakak and Mama everyday. Surprisingly, the kids next door never came to play during this school holiday. It seems that they prefer to stay indoor watching TV…maybe it is because of the hot weather or simply too many not-to-be-missed cartoon shows to watch. LOL.

Anyway, I think Vanessa has developed a new interest – jalan-jalan keliling rumah. LOL. My mum was complaining that Vanessa was whining a lot, refused the Kakak and insists on mum to accompany her outside, making a few perfect rounds of the house. It all started when my mum let Vanessa join her weeding in the backyard one fine morning. While Mama was busy with the weeding, Vanessa, sitting not too far, watched diligently. Not soon after that, Vanessa seized the moment to wander, exploring the surroundings. Of course, with Mama watching checking on her from time to time. Anyway, it was a fun thing to do then, but now everyday, even in broad daylight, tengah hari buta, Vanessa demanded to be taken outside for a jalan-jalan session. Aiyo, under the scorching sun?? Nobody wants to do that. My mum and maid had a difficult time trying to talk Vanessa out of it. LOL.

Yesterday, my maid let dear Vanessa joins her doing some housekeeping. And guess what she found? A green, miniature umbrella and a small handbag. She loves them so much that she carries them around everywhere she goes. Even to sleep. No kidding! Last night, she fell asleep with her umbrella and bag at her side. LOL. I tried to coax her not to bring them to bed but she insisted by crying out loud. Ahh, I surrendered! Sayang sekali, I didn’t snap a photo. *sigh* I should have captured the moment and later when she grew up, I can show it to her…hahahaha….

The 'aunty' getting ready to tamu (market)

'Aunty' modelling the umbrella and handbag.. :)

'Aunty' just came back from the tamu, terduduk kepenatan...


haha kiutnye si Ven.. mungkin mau bawa dia p pasar tu Mia, tapi takut nanti hari2 dia mau p pasar pula.. Budak2 sa rasa sikijap ja minat dia tu.. Nanti tukar pula yang lain...

Oh me oh my .... where did you find the umbrella and bag? Suits her so well with her ponny tail sekali la, kekekeke .... really, it's so cute!! Nevermind la, as long as there is something to keep her occupied, it's better then her asking for a walk outside the house under the hot sunny day again :)

Kiut ba si Vanessa bawa tu payung sama bakul, baju sama selipar jipun pun matching with the ensemble... hehe

Sia suka the last pic... kaki dia tu ba.. :D

Maybe she wants to do a Rihanna :D

Cute Vanessa. :) Trying to be ladylike, no doubt learning this from her mother. :D

hahaha... so cute.. macam small auntie.. yes, keep the pics and show them to her when she grows older.. cute and adorable lah Vanessa. Modelling is not easy huh...hehe.

adui mia..cute nya.... rasanya if ko bawa dia jalan jalan mesti dia mo bawa kan tu umbrella dia....bawa ba gia dia p tamu..hehehe

alala punya kiut.. cantik tu umbrella.. mana beli ar? hihi

Hahaha... so cute and funny pulak si Vanessa ni... 'aunty' kicik is growing up heheheee... Dia suka mo explore2 da ni kan. :)

Of course she really cute... I think she ready to become one of the chef in the kitchen.. at least.. hehehe

Eee.. bikin gerigitan ba c Van2 ni. Mau ja sia cubit dia. Butul2 mcm ah sauw... kekekke...

Mia, ko pnya camera misti mau ever ready 24 hours.. so that u wont miss any cute shots.. kekek..

Miss Sab ~ kalu psl berjalan, mmg dia suka tu. Mmg gitu la budak kan, skijap2 tukar minat...:)

MommyAngel ~ the umbrella was hubby's gift to me few years ago, forgot what occasion but i guess he gave it as a joke. the handbag is also mine, but i hardly use it. I sure am glad that she found it amusing...

Nessa ~ ya kan Nessa, matching bah gia suma ensemble dia tu...hehe..

hehe..bikin gerigitan kan..

Nick Phillips ~ LOL. Not sure about that but she does get excited when she heard music..

KY Chua ~ not so sure how ladylike i am. Anyway, the little copycat loves imitating whatever i do, even ask for make-up every morning when i get ready to work.:)

reanaclaire ~ i definitely will. Pics like these are precious..

Mummy Gwen ~ i guess so la...

Mummy Zuan ~ bah, nti la sia bawa dia. tapi kan tamu selalu crowded bah, mo berjalan pun susah..

Nadia ~ entah la mana laki sia beli tu payung. Bbrp tahun suda tu tapi selama ni tersimpan saja,baru2 ni re-discovered by the aunty kicil

ChocMintGirl ~ ya bah, laju butul masa berlalu...

C.Alv.B ~ hihi..tida lama lagi mangkali ni, skrg pun dia pandai suda minta tingu nenek dia bikin kuih hinompuka :)

Just ~ exactly mcm ah sau! smpi skrg sia masi lagi senyum2 nampak gambar2 dia ni..

ya bah kan,u never know when she'll strike a pose kan...:)rugi kalu tida dpt capture the moment kan...

Hahaha.. so kiut the last picture.. nampak bah .. kebosanan .. so kiut.. cute hehe..

Samalah kita, Dian force me to buy her an umbrella at RM2 shop. Apa lagi, dalam rumah pun mau berpayung hehehe..

Tapi cepat dia boring bah. Sekarang, main stroller pula. Surung-surung dia punya toys.

OMG!!!! Punya kiut si Van mia...ekekekeke Begaya oh bawa payung and the handbag..

Evelyn LG ~ hahaha..itu la baitu..

Nora ~ hehe..skijap2 saja bah minat dorang tu. Ntah apa lagi lepas ni..:)

comelnye.. siap bawak payung n handbag lagi.. nasin tak letak bling bling satu badan.. kalau takleh jadi mami jarum dah hehe

Nurhayati ~ hahaha..yer la Yati, kalau pasang bling-bling, bleh pass jadik mami jarum junior ni..:)

Cute owh si venven!!!! hahangai sudah!! pandai pula dia berposing kan... tidak camera shy hehehe

KaDusMama ~ sebijik mcm aunty2 yg mo p tamu kan Ty...hahaha...

Bri ~ dia suka bah tu kena gambar. Lepas tu misti kasi tingu dia tu gambar, kalu tidak, nanti dia nangis...hehe...