Getting ready for a baby

“What are the things to prepare for the baby?”, “What kind of baby care product you use?”, “What kind of diaper you use?”, etc, etc. These are some frequently asked questions I get from friends who are on their way to become a mother themselves. Well, being a mother of one daughter does not make me an expert but I’ve been there, done that. So, I am qualified to share some info and tips with them, right? Hmm, how fast the time goes by; 2 years ago I was the one who’s asking the same questions to experienced-mommy friends. :)

Okay, as a first time mom-to-be, it is perfectly normal to have the nervous and/or anxiety bugs in your system. Before your baby comes, you don’t exactly know what to do. Therefore, it is wise to have a checklist on hand before your little one’s arrival. In your baby checklist , you should list down all the essential things you need for your new bundle of joy. This should help you get thing organized and ensure none of the necessities are left out. What serves better memory-aid than a comprehensive baby checklist? :)

Now that you are ready with your newborn checklist, future mommy and daddy are ready to go shopping. Don’t feel silly bringing along your checklist! It is an absolutely normal thing to do. Beware! Baby items are simply irresistible! LOL. As soon as you set an eye on those cute, colorful items, you will want to buy them all. Trust me, the temptations are overwhelming! By having a checklist, you will be able to distinguish the necessities from the conveniences, making sure that you stay in focus. There you go another excellent point to have a baby checklist. :)

Hahaha…I recalled my own experience where hubby and I were so eager to shop for our baby. We were advised by other parents to only start shopping on the 28th week onwards. I’m not quite sure why though. Perhaps it is one of the many superstitious beliefs (pantang-larang). But logically thinking, I guess it has something to do with the baby’s sex/gender. At 28th week scan; the doctor should be able to confirm the baby’s sex. You don’t want to buy all baby boys’ clothes only to have a baby girl instead, right? Nevertheless, the wait was totally tormenting! Argh!!! I'd tried my best to restrain myself from going into the baby section. But once or twice, I succumbed to the temptations. is just too much to bear!

Okay, ever heard of baby shower? Well, baby shower is a popular tradition in the West. It is a party held to celebrate the future birth of a child. Would-be parents will invite family members, relatives and friends to the party where they will receive gifts for their newborn or expected child. The popular gifts are baby clothing, baby care product, pram / stroller etc. Sounds like fun? Yup, you bet. It is always fun getting free gifts! LOL.

Unfortunately, baby shower is not a common practice in Asia, Sabah especially. Hmm, I didn’t hold one for my daughter and I certainly don’t remember attending any of relatives’ or friends’ baby showers. However, I did get a few gifts from my then boss and colleagues after daughter were 5 days old. Does that count as baby shower? :)

Anyway, hubby and I were very grateful for all the gifts that we received. It helped us with the extra expenses. Among the lovely gifts that we received were baby clothes, a complete baby bedding set (crib sheet, crib bumper, comforter and crib blankets), baby basket, 2 dozens cloth diapers, a stroller, and my favourite gift was - a pink scrapbook, to record the special moments of our daughter, Vanessa from the day she was born until her 5th birthday.


Takajut sia sama tajuk ko ni. Sia pikir ko pregnant lagi... mau congrat daa to you... hihihihih

wakakaka, si Mouren tertipu. Hehe..ko simpan dulu ucapan ko tu kio mandak.

hahahaa..teketawa sia baca si Mouren punya msg!! ekekee
Sia dulu beli putih saja baju..sebab neutral colour kan..nda kisah boy or girl, dua2 bulih pakai..heheee

hi Mama Mia.. nice to come by again.. i will add yr blog to my roll... my colleague is going to give birth soon..perhaps it would be better for her to come by here to look at the baby's checklist... hahaha..

KadusMama ~ kesian gia si Mouren, tertipu. ya lor,beli pakaian warna putih la bah yg paling selamat..

reanaclaire ~ Nice to see u again, Reana. I appreciate you adding me in your blogroll and recommending your friend to come by :)

Ya ba c Mia ni tau... sia nampak ja ko pnya tajuk terus sia klik ni! Ciss...

Apa2 pun, skrg pun buli ready sdh tu Mia. ;p

uduii gia si Just, senasib ko sama si Mouren, tertipu...hihi..

Baby no.2? Rasanya bulum lagi la dlm masa terdekat ni...:)

Champin ko ah mama mia sumunie pikir ko pregnant ..apa lagi buka blog terus klik masuk cini..he he he

baca tajuk je ingat kamu dah siap sedia menyembut baby baru, mana tahu cakap cakap saja...

Ui na...ingatkan 2nd baby on the way hehehe

besar sudah si vanessa tu..buli kasi adik sama dia sdh tu ;)

DL Suminie ~ alamak Sumunie, ko pun tertipu, siou kio..ini adalah gimik semata-mata..:p

Jess ~ ini lagi satu mangsa..:P. Sorry Jess, u tertipu..anyway, kalau betul2 i will tell you all bah..:)

InobongProper ~ hehe..ramai yg tertipu dgn tu tajuk. Nti klu butul-butul sia expecting baby no.2,akan ku khabarkan juga berita gumbira itu dgn semua,Phil...:)

tertipu sy mia..ingat ko ada baby lagi..

Hahahha.. I always have a list..doesn't matter go shopping or traveling.... (Tapi ada list pun...sometimes...beli lebih2 juga ;-p)

Boy can still wear pink and vice versa. I can accept it.Nothing wrong.

MummyZuan ~ alala Hilda, siou ar...:)

Cj ~ ya bah kan Cath, kalu suda suka tu benda, memang terbeli juga brg2 yg tiada dlm list..:)

LitleInbox ~ it's not a crime for a boy to wear pink :). but it's only our mentality that often associate pink with girls, blue for boys...

I really thot you're expecting a baby... sia mo ucap tahniah suda... nasib baik sia baca your post dulu! LOL!

Masa my kids were babies, I never bought them strollers, I don't believe in them cos babies grow so fast and strollers are very expensive.

Yeah, baby showers are life savers! Especially diapers and milk formula.

:D.. I tot.. you're pregnant too!! aisey man...

Nessa ~ hehe..reserve dulu ko pny wish ar.

ya, strollers are expensive..yg simple2 saja pun sampai ratus juga harga dia.

butul tu Nessa, baby showers are life savers indeed!:)

Evelyn ~ bulum lagi bah my friend..:)