Christmas Post Mortem - Part 2

The highlights continue:-

27 Dec ~ Attended Tome & Chelven's wedding reception in Beverly Hotel, KK. Both bride and groom are our (hubby & I) friends in UPM. Had a good time that nite. Well, the foods were so-so, except for the red wine. Don’t really fancy wine but this one is exceptional. It’s sweet and delicious, without the kelat or bitterish ( am not too sure if it’s the right English word) taste. The wine was limited so only managed to have a glass. The best thing about that nite besides being able to share the joy of the newly-wed couple, was that we got a chance to meet with other fellow UPMers. Apa lagi, so many story came up, works, personal etc. A lot of catching up to do, yet so little time to spend. *sigh* Man_D was supposed to come but she got an upset stomach pulak at the last minute..must be too much moginum the day before...*wink* Another dear friend, iLLa’s plan to chill-out and drink after that was almost spoiled...but we were determined not to let anything spoil the plan. So it was just the 3 of us, iLLa, hubby & I.

We went to D' Junction, Penampang after the reception. Surprisingly, the place was not crowded. Wonder where all the ppl go?! Maybe still holidaying in their kampungs. The live band’s performance was a blast. We managed to enjoy a few songs before they went for their break. Hmmm...during the break, we were entertained with ear-deafening music for 30 miutes or so. Felt my heart thumping against my chest! When the band came back, they did their version of Fall For You (originally by Secondhand Serenade), which was great..cheers! The crowd joins in to sing on the chorus, of course, we're no exceptional! Lurrveee this song...

A glance at the menu, under the "Alcohol & Beverages"..Oh my! What’s that? There were some cocktail with a VERY INTERESTING name, e.g. Slippery Nipple, Blow Job, Dirty Orgasm, 7 Sins. Of course, there are others but can’t remember. Probably the alcohol has flows its way into my system …haha..I’m not much of drinker actually. Whoever came up with the idea of naming them sure had done a great job. Won't fail to catch an eye!

Hubby ordered 2 glass of whiskey, while the ladies ordered 2 shots each of cocktails. Frozen Margarita and Rainbow Cocktail for iLLa, and Pina Colada & Long Island Iced Tea for myself. Too bad I didn't have a camera handy. It’s impossible to take a good pic with my cikai Hp under the very low lighting. So to not disappoint you guys, here are some pics...well the presentation didn't exactly look like these but more or less the same la. I liked my choice of drinks, but not too crazy for the margarita. The taste is too bitter for my liking...even iLLa was disappointed with it.

28 Dec ~ Went back to Keningau again. After unloading our luggage at my in-laws, we went straight to Sabah Agricultural Park, Lagud Seberang,Tenom. InobongProper had wrote about this park here. Arrived there around 4pm. Hubby was so determined to see the orchids especially the Orkid Selipar, that we work our way on foot. The orchid place was the furthest to go. Train was not in operation any more as it was already late. We only managed to see a few species of hybrid orchid. Need to go back as fast as we could before it rain. Hmmm…keciwa si hubby tida dapat tingu Orkid Selipar. Next time we come early la dear supaya dapat naik train,tida payah jalan kaki. Going around the park on foot is sooo tiring. He had to carry daughter some more …hehe.. I have no idea what type of tree is it?! Never seen it before.
29 Dec ~ Attended hubby’s cuz, Debbie and Freddy’s engagement. Congratulations to both of you. Off to Penampang in the evening.
So that’s whole story for the Christmas holiday and the long weekend. The end.


Hihihi bida jg tu nama2 cocktail ah. Sepa la pnya idea2 kretif mcm tu...

ya bah Nayden, terbeliak biji mata urg nampak tu kreatif jg la bah tu tukang kasi nama kan...

Waa... story mcm urg bujang2 ja ba!! C Van2 nda ikut p D-Junction tu?? Heheheh...

Hai Mama Mia,

kau orang keningau juga ka? Saya pun belum pernah pi Lagud seberang lagi, padahal lama kami tingal sana tu dulu waktu beliau sia transfer sana.

Just ~ hehe..bkn selalu mah. Van-van diam2 tidur d rumah. Dia kasi chance mumy & dady bah....

Nora ~ Laki sia bah yg urg Keningau Nora. Selama ni tu la 1st time sia p Lagud Seberang. Besa la bah tu kan, klu yg dekat2 pny tmpt mana kana lawat, tp yg jauh2 punya la excited mo pigi kan..:)