Batman fan?

As I was passing-by the stalls in Tamu Donggongon yesterday evening, there was this one particular stall that attracted quite a number of people. What was this vendor selling? Mama Mia getting curious liao…but thought better of it. Instead of going through the crowd, I waited for them to subside then go have a look. I’m a short, petite person, so even if I stretch my neck to the max, still, the only thing I can see is other people back…LOL

After buying all the things I needed, I headed back to the stall. Hehe…good, only a few ppl left. Then I saw the item on sale. It’s a bird? No. It’s certainly not a plane. It’s a frozen BAT. Only one left. It was kept it in the freezer for 2 days until the weekly tamu day arrived. Looking at it, I felt pity for this unfortunate flyer of the night. The bat is quite big and it cost RM10…best price. Expensive ? As the vendor said, “Ini barang susah mau dapat bah!” So, that explains the price.

Bat aka kelawar in Malay, gavi in Kadazan and gawir in Dusun dialect is a delicacy among the local. I guess the most common and the only bat dish that I know of is bat porridge. The bat is cleaned and gutted before cut into small chunks, then, boiled together with the rice. By the time the rice become porridge, the meat has also become soft and tender. But don’t ask me how it tastes like ya…I never tasted bubur kelawar before. People said it’s delicious. Some more, bat meat is also good for health, especially its gut. According to the vendor, eating the gut can cure asthma.

The vendor was so friendly (or was he so eager to sell it off?!) that he even explained how to clean the bat. It sounds like the cleaning process are quite complicated, a lot of work to be done. Hmmm…don’t think I’m going to put myself thru all the fuss. Besides, I’m not too adventurous in exploring new taste. So I’ll pass the bat meat. “Sorry la uncle, sia tidak pandai makan juga ni barang. Sia ambil gambar dia saja la, bulih ka?” “Bulih bah kalau kau!”, the vendor replied cheerfully.


Alooo Mama Mia, wahhh...slalu sia pigi tamu sana susah mau dapat tu 'batman' kiturang tu..Let me share you something, the bat's 'meat' can secure asthma! A friend to my hubby gave me two years ago for my eldest son who has an asthma during that time. Uii, lepas sia siat-siat isi dia, masak bubur...nahhh bsok okay suda. Doktor tanya, apa ubat ko kasi mkn? I answered..err..ubat kampung saja doktor...hihihihih

Hi Mama Mia,

This remainds me off my ODU,(grandma) while she still alive, she use to put a net at her bumbung rumah (ruang siling) so if the bat go out at night it will trap inside and my ODU will do the Bubur Gawir. But we never eat it la hehehhe.. since my family is Muslim. But ODU said it tasty hehehe..

Wah gawir..hehe.. Dulu, my younger bro ada asma. I don't remember pamcm dorg masak tu gawir la, eithr kana campur rempah2 ka apa, but sy nampak my Grandpa ambik paru2 kali tu, kasi campur siikit alkohol and he asked my bro to drink, or maybe telan tu paru2..

Now, my bro okay suda, nda pernah kena asma suda..

Mouren & Nayden79 ~ o butul2 mujarab pula gia daging gawir utk kasi hilang asma. Bah, will keep this in mind, mana tau in the future ada guna :)

Nora ~ hi Nora. Thx for visiting ya. Maybe kalu sia nda tau tu bubur gawir, sia try jg mo tau pa mcm rasa dia.

sedap tu gawir kalo masak bubur hehehe..tapi sy tidak makan daging dia...saya makan bubur saja ;)

Wah, mujarab juga ni Kelawar ah, ubat asma... nanti sia kasi rekomen sama urang yang ada asma.

Sia pun blum pernah makan kelawar lagi but my dad and late mom pandai makan kelawar.

Funny juga tu tukang jual kelawar.. 'bulih ba kalau kau'... hehehe

IbgProper ~ sia blum pernah mkn bubur gawir lg o..mama sia pun nda pandai kerja tu gawir

Nessa ~ Ya bah Nessa, BBKK tu jd trademark Sabahan suda ni...nda kira tua, muda...:)