The longest wait...

What a hectic day it was in the office yesterday. Since I was on leave the day before, all the work had pile-up on my desk. Didn’t even have time to post a new entry. By the end of the day, I was so exhausted.

I took a leave on Monday to accompany mom for her annual review at the Eye Clinic, Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She has undergone a minor surgery on her left eye 2 years ago to remove the cataract. It was our first visit since all the clinics were moved to the adjacent new building. They evacuated the old one a few months ago (not too sure though when was the exact date…) due to safety reason. The building structure was simply too old and might posed safety hazard to people. A hot debate topic on the local papers. All warded patient has been moved to Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) old building in Likas.

The new building was clean, comfy and plenty of seat for the patients to occupy while waiting. Temperature inside was cool, just nice. Not too cold like the old one..where ppl were shivering with cold. They even set-up a corner for the children to play. Good idea.. :)

Despite all that, the waiting time was still the same old story. No wonder la most ppl dreaded going to gov hospital/clinic. Mom and I were not so happy to go there either. But no choice, have to go also. *sigh * Visit to Government Hospital/Clinic = Long, long wait by the lobby..

Mom appointment was @ 8.30am but we came late @ 9.00am. Being our first time there, we’re not familiar with the place. We relied on the signboard and asked around for direction. Eventually we managed to locate the Eye Clinic safe and sound but sempat juga bah sesat sekejap :) .

It took 1 and half hours wait before mom was registered. * sigh * How frustrating. There was this Inai (aunty) who complained a few times. It’s understandable. She claimed that she has been waiting since 7.30am (operation hours start) but still not registered yet. The Inai didn’t lose her cool, instead she voice out her complained in a calm tone. Some other ppl were getting edgy due to the long wait and started crowding the Registration Desk, complaining. The reason given for the long wait was “ Fail susah mau cari, baru pindah bangunan baru. Tolonglah sabar ya.Nasib baik lah the Nurses explained politely. If only they asked, I was more than happy to lend a hand to look for the files. Hehe...anything to expedite the process!

Going marah-marah also no point, it won’t do any good. So mom & I waited patiently. While mom was getting chummy with the Inai, I started reading. Lucky I’d bring along a book to kill-off some time or else I’ll die of boredom! Hmm…the book was NOT interesting at all, but boy, am I glad that I had it then..haha..

The visit involved 5 processes – Registration, Visual Acuity Exam, Consultation with Dr @ Ophthalmologist, Further Check-up with Optometrist and consultation with Dr. again. Each checking and consultation took only 30 minutes max but the waiting was unbearable, seems like an endless wait. * sigh*

We were so relieved when Doc said mom eye was ok. Can go home liao …But before leaving we have to endure another wait. This time, for the Nurse to return the Appointment Card. Adeiiii!! It’s already noon time and we’re starving. Good thing we came in handy with some kuih ubi manis and water. Even that didn’t manage to suppress the growling monster in my stomach. Hehe…but better something than nothing at all kan…sorou poh. The canteen was a far walk from the new building. We finally left at about 1.30pm and the poor Inai was still not done with her check-up yet. * sigh *


Nah tu lah sia tia mau p govt hospital tu..bukan pasal service tia bagus tapi bab mau tunggu tu yang bikin panas..hehehee
Glad ur mom punya mata ok juga..

Wah..mama mia, I'm working at HQE...Engneering Dept..hahahha...sia pun setuju tu...lambaaaaaaaat betul mau tunggu. Sapa nama medical officer your mum because one of them is my boss punya wife!..What a small world! But sia di bangunan lama sana laa..bangunan tmpt beranak dulu tuu..British made building. My advice, jgn pigi bangunan tinggi tu..bukan blg mau runtuh..tapi siang2 ko bole jumpa 'benda' yg tdk tentu...hairan kan..siang2 mcm tu..! (true story ni..!)
'Benda' - from others got what I mean?

Kadus ~ itu la Ty..part menunggu tu bah yg bikin panas. Mcm kami mo pulang ja bah biarpun blum selesai..hehe..

Mouren ~ Small world indeed. Siang2 pun 'diorang' berkeliaran jg? eee..spooky..meremang bulu roma sia dgr..

These govt hospitals always understaffed...and they get the slow and steady nurses to do the clerical stuff. They should employ people - tech-savvy ones and computerise everything. Many govt depts already very efficient, very fast!

I hate that too about govt hospitals, the wait!!

That's d problem tu...luckily now my parents in law ndak lagi perlu every month pi check up..sian dorang menunggu from morning till afternoon bah..lagi tu give apptment 8am but jumpa 12pm ndak gila kah tu?

Wah sama la kita, sy pun pernah kasi kawan nenek pi HQE check mata, masa tu masih di bangunan lama.

Benda sama, fail susaaaah cari. To make it worse, tu nurse marah2 ni. Very impolite.

Sy rasa sepatutnya dorg kasi computerize baitu data2 kan supaya check computer ja. tu file2 kuning durang yg belonggok tu kasi jd backup saja la..hahaha

wah bangunan baru ada 'tututut' ka? terang jg tu..

Actually, part yg paling panas about QE yg masa one of La Salle student accident duluuu..don't remember apa tahun..The boy who was badly injured (Head n body) and critical. Doctors ONLY attended him after 4 HOURS laying and waiting at Emergency Room....sadly the boy passed away! Byk lagi sia tahu tapi mcm malas sia mau ingat sbb bikin marah! Apa2 pun DELAY CAUSE FATAL! I hate that...

STP ~ I agree. Govt hosp should come out of stone age & computerize everything.

Gallivanter ~ Luckily mom appointment was once a year. If it was monthly..mampus la!

Jppmom ~ Tu la bah kan, air-cond yg sejuk pun nda bulih kc sejuk hati yg panas akibat tunggu tlampau lama o.

Nayden ~ Ya butul tu. Sia sgt2 lah stuju 100% klu drg kc computerize everything. err btw, what u mean by 'tututut'?

Mouren ~ Wah??! smpi begitu sekali..Bah, nex meeting why not u suggest sm tu boss2 sekalian spy computerize everything..:) utk kasi capat tu proses. Kasian urg menunggu gitu lama...:)

ni la ba yg bikin panas kalu p Gov clinic tu masa menunggu. Dulu sa ada appointment jam 11am sekali dpt jumpa DR jam 1pm. Nasib baik la kami ada klinik panel kalu tidak kalu demam2 saja terpaksa la bayar mahal di private clinic.
Nda tau la sampai bila derang punya filing system masih pakai file kertas tu. Kalu pakai komputer kan sinang tekan ja IC no ka... kan