Christmas post mortem - Part 1

I know, I’ve abandoned my blog for 5 days! I am guilty as charged. At first I was too lazy to go online, due to the streamyx itself. It seems to run with the speed of a snail. It took like forever to load anything…*sigh* Besides, nothing much happened during Christmas and over the weekend. Some highlight here:-

24 Dec ~ Hubby, daughter Vanessa & I went to Sacred Heart Cathedral KK for the Christmas Eve Mass. Yey, we reached there on time, just before the Christmas Carols started @ 8pm, secured a seat for ourselves ;) . The choir did a wonderful rendition of carols, a mixture of both traditional and modern. Got applause from the audience, even lil’ Vanessa clapped her hands after each songs :) . My fav got to be The First Noel! The church was so full, the air was so hot inside. All the fans were switched-on but it didn’t do much help.

Being a toddler, daughter can only sit still for 1 hour…a record so far! Thanks to the kids sitting behind who kept her amused. We retreated outside just before she started to go out of control. Even though we have to stand there, the cool night air was really refreshing. Daughter was soo happy to run around with the other kids. The Mass started @ 9pm, an hour earlier than previously,…which explain why some ppl only came at 10pm. Nevertheless, the church was so packed that the parking space at the main entrance was flooded with devotees. The plastic chairs at the chapel could not accommodate all the ppl.

25 Dec ~ On Christmas Day itself, we stayed at home, lazing around. Well, being an only child, no anticipation for other sibling to come balik kampung. It’s kinda lonely. My first ever attempt to organize a Family Christmas Gathering didn’t happened, as aunts & cuzs were too occupied with their own program. Hmm..will try again next year :) !

It’ll be a different story though if we spent Christmas with my in-laws in Keningau. Every year there will sure be a gathering. But I feel guilty to leave my mom behind, alone at home during Christmas. There is no way, mom willing to leave the house unless it’s a day trip. She’s worry about her chickens, dogs, cats and her pet burung tiung – “Who will feed them?” she said. Tough question to answer. Can’t depend too much on the aunty next door bcos she too was busy with her own family activities. “What if she forgot to feed them?” Another tough question to tackle. * sigh * In short, mom just didn’t want to bother other ppl …lagi pun mana dia harap urang lain bulih jaga ternakan dia dgn baik, macam dia! Hehe…. Then again, day trip is tiring, 2 ½ hours drive to and fro is simply exhausting..not only for the driver but also the passengers…maklumlah kereta kicil. So, in the end, STAY AT HOME only lor…*smile*

Will continue Part 2 soon. You guys might get bored with this post. It supposed to have pics to go with but I forgot to download them from camera. Tida siok bah kalau story without gambar kan…*wink*


Agreed! Ada gambar baru siok hehehe
Nda' bah..just kidding..reading ur post pun..I can imagine already the situation at Sacred Heart Church KK..fully packed, hot, tired etc etc but hey! it's christmas...everything is special hehehe

Will wait for ur next post ;)

oloh!! kesian your mom! Tia year can buat bigger xmas celebration di rumah least ko punya xmas ok lagi..mine?? aduh!! kin sakit hati oh!!!

Tidak sabar mau tgk gambar ni!!! Syok baca pasal xmas masing2...lain family lain style..ihihihih! Tapi cian nya your mum..home alone during xmas! Apa-apa pun tiada gia mau kasi mkn tu manuk...:P

Mm... mgkin pasal kita sdh terbiasa post yg pix kan... so nmpak dull pulak kalau teda pix. Anyway, sia pun d rmh jg on Xmas. Mom & Bro p morning mass. Mom pnya muka mcm sedih ja pg tu. Mgkin terasa jg laa dia tu... hmm...

IP ~ Mcm ada sesuatu yg kurang bah klu crita psl any event but w/o pic ni..:)

Kadus ~ alala Ty...napa gia ko sakit hati??

Mouren ~ nda jd gia dia home aloneni Xmas, kmi stay d rumah sj bah...:)

Just ~ ni 1st Xmas dia since ko convert ka tu?

like your profile write up..merry christmas..via bloghopping

Mama Mia - Iya la pula...sia tdk perasan last2 kamu stay d rumah...apa2 pun sy pun risau pasal tu manuk, tasu..etc sapa mau kasi mkn kalu teda mum di rumah kan..hahahahah :p (Honestly, I always worried my hubby forgot to feed my fatty cat if I'm away from home...nasib anak no 2 pandai jaga..kalu tidak..kana gastrik la c 'gapil' sia tu..hihihihihih)

Deana ~ Hi. Thanx. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to u too.

Mouren ~ ekeke...kalu teda urg yg bulih dharap mo kasi mkn tu haiwan peliharaan, kita pun nda sanang hati mo jln jauh2 & lama2 kan..

I've been extremely lazy too... especially after Christmas going to new year! Macam otomatic seja the brain shut down... yesterday seja I had to go thru all my old posts and reply about 40 comments! Pingsan...

Ya, I miss Krismas with my family back in Penampang sama2 sisters sia and my dad. Sedih juga la tapi apa buli buat. Harap2 next year sia buli balik for Krismas.

Happy new year 2009! :)

Mia...Happy New Year 2009 to u and family.. :)