Merry Christmas everyone....

It’s been a week since I last posted my entry. worries…I’m still around. Except for some disappointment here and there, I guess I’m okay. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed and sad bcos most of my plan for this Christmas didn’t and won’t turn out as I planned. Can’t help it with these feeling.

* sigh* Yup, I missed the BWF Super Series Finals, we needed to go back to my in-laws place. BIL held his wedding reception on last Sunday, 21st. Got too tangled up with the last minute preparation. Didn’t even have a chance to watch the finals on the telly :(. Despite all the last minute prep & arrangement, I’m glad that all went well. But it’ll sure be a lot more better if only some crucial prep & arrangement was done earlier. So, an advice to other BIL & SIL, do prepare awal-awal especially all the small –small thingy to avoid any regrets ya!

Okay, enough said on this disappointment thingy. For God's sake today is Christmas Eve already. It’s time to be merry and jolly :). Hopefully can go off earlier and get ready to church. Have to be there at least 1 hour early…otherwise it’ll be packed, no seat available. Cannot tahan la standing for hours, apa lagi if my dear sumandak demand to be carried. Adeiii….

To all Christian friends:- Wishing you guys and your loved ones, a Merry & Blessed Christmas where ever to are! Drive safely ya!

And to non-Christian friends:- Happy Holiday and do drive safely!


Dear Mama Mia and all at home...

A blessed Christmas to each and everyone of you. Glad to have known you this year... may the coming year be a bountiful one! Peace...

With love,

Nessa and family

Thanx Nessa. Glad to hv u as fren also wpun nda pernah jumpa face to face ;).
Wish you & family a merry & blessed Christmas also.

merry xmas to you and your dear family mia.. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family :)

hi Mia

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S!!!

Mama mia,
Besa tu kan masa cuti2 ni banyak event yg kena attend sampai panat. Kesian ko nda dapat merayakan Christmas spt yg dirancang. Bah ada lagi cuti tahun baru ba harap ko enjoy sama family kio.