Ol' King Kong Biscuit

Have you ever had this biscuit before? Well, according to the packaging, it is called Biskut Campuran but I named it Biskut King Kong...hehe. This locally made biscuits has and will always be one of my favourite snacks. (The other one being Keropok Mi Mi *wink*) When I was small, it can be easily bought at any kedai runcit in the kampung and in the school canteen. But, nowadays you can rarely find them. When I was in primary school, me and some friends always save some coins to buy them after school and enjoyed them on the school bus to ease our hunger. As we lived quite far, we were among the last to reach home. *sigh*

Since not being able to find it for quite sometimes, I thought that they no longer exist. One day, the factory decided to stop the manufacturing of this ‘old’ biscuit and give way to modern biscuits/snacks.

But whooa, what do you know?!! My fav biskut King Kong has NOT gone extinct! Only hard to find! Stumbled on them in a small, old sundry shop near the Tamu Donggongon. When I saw them, I was smiling from ear to ear. Grabbed 5 packs right away to satisfy my sweet tooth. I must have looked like an idiot, smiling to myself. When I looked-up, the two girls aka shop assistants were giggling at the corner. Who cares…I found my long lost fav snack…nothing else matter. LOL

As I noticed, there was not much different on the packaging, it still display a King Kong, except now it was carrying a tray of cookies instead of a tree branch. Good ol’ Kong was given a new, modern image…*smile*. Still, there were 3 pieces of biscuits per packet, 2 whites with a brown one in between. The white one is made from corn flour, egg and sugar. It melts into your mouth when consumed. The other is made from dried coconut flesh and sugar. Hmm…I don’t fancy this one though. As always, I reserve them for mom…hehe…Mom like them though.

Over the years, the biscuit still tastes the same except now it is a little bit harder to chew and won’t melt easily like it used to be. No change in diameter also, only the thickness has become slightly thinner. Now it is selling at RM0.20, compare to yesteryears at only RM0.10 per pack. Still very cheap though.


MM, be extra careful with 'palsu' King Kong Biscuit...! O ya, your photo with baby girl..at Stella Maris Church ka tu? Baptism?

This is one of my fav juga last time...LOL...


Mouren ~ Ada ciplak pny king Kong biskut ka? Pa mcm mo kasi beza wt the ori ar?
Yup, at Stella Maris church..attending my fren's wdg mass

Cath J ~ Tnx for d invitation. Will visit your blog ya

yay!!!! king kong biscuit lah!! my fav is the kelapa one..hehe kalau sia di sabah, sia pajak beli tu mia..hehehehee

Susah mo dpt suda ni biskut. kalu jumpa trus rasa mcm mo pajak sumua bah kan Ty...kikiki...

Hahahahahaha!!! Eat King Kong kuih...later look like King Kong! LOL!!!

I definitely know this king kong biskut...saya suka yg kelapa tu ;)

Thanks for sharing and making my memory back to dulu2 hehehe

Itu king kong ciplak hampir sama gambar 'munyit' besar tu tapi quality color ada nampak berbeza tu. Fuyohhh! Sia pun mcm KDMum...sy suka tu kelapa...kelapa saja la..yg dua tu..eerr..bagi c 'Kudis'..my blonde fat cat...hahahahaa

haha betul!! this is one of my lod time fav too ngeh ngeh ngeh.. but I dunno pla kalau ada yang ciplak skrang, I think will look for this for Christmas goodies huhu

STP ~ i hope not ...haha...

InobongProper ~ Ramai jg pulak peminat kelapa ni. U r most welcome..:)

Mouren ~ bah lain kali kalu sia nmpk ni biskut d kadai lain, sia teropong dulu sblum beli...

Wah your cat also peminat biskut King Kong ar...:)

TheDusunAroma ~ Good idea..boskut king kong for xmas goodies...:)

Wah, biskut King Kong ni feveret sia juga ni :D Sia suka the coconut biskut sbb yang yellow tu karas and I find it too sweet. Dakat Tamu Donggongon? Yang sebelah gerai ikan ka tu??

Ya Nessa...sana la kadai yg ada jual ni biskut.

hahahaha i love this biscuit too...one of my favs ..yummy!!

Wah, ah...ramai peminat o ni biskut...:)

eee my ol' time favret ni!! lama sudah nda makan, I wonder how it tastes like, hmm..makin mahal o kan 20sen?

Hehe...taste masi mcm dolu2 jg..tp naik harga suda & makin nipis biskut dia...