Monday blues...

After a long break, I woke up this morning with super lazy feeling and a blurry mind. I was like..Huh?! Why wake up so early today?? Aiseyman, today is Monday already, got to work bah pulak. *sigh* Eventually, I managed to drag myself from the bed.

Surprisingly… but gratefully, today is not as busy as I expected, only some documents need to finalized and double-checked. Thank God, I’ve prepared them before the break. Today, tinggal sign, seal, deliver. Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian, right?! It’s peaceful in the office today, no KL staff fussing this and that. Perhaps, they are still on leave.

As I mentioned in my last post, my holiday schedule is quite tight…Well, it is. BUT it didn’t turn out as I expected. Hmm…a lot of changes here and there. First of all, I only attended one open-house on the 1st Raya. The host, hubby’s colleague was very generous with all the delicious food (rendang, ayam masak merah, serunding daging etc) and drinks served. However, I’m a little bit dissappointed bcos all the kuihs are modern type (almond/chocolate cookies, fruit cakes, carrot cakes)…my favourite batang buruk was nowhere to be seen.

On 2nd day of Raya, didn’t attend any open-house as MIL summoned us to go back to Keningau. She insist to do daughter Vanessa’s 1st birthday party there on 3rd Oct. Initially, we planned to do it in KK but had to postponed as most friends and relatives were unable to make it.
Next day, we rushed back to KK as we need to attend cuz daughter’s birthday party. Niece, Bethany was also celebrating her 1st birthday. We reached Atlantis Restaurant, Bundusan an hour late. Nasib baik the party is still on going. When it’s time to distribute the goody bags, all the children went out of control, all swarmed cuz hubby at one time. Not long, cuz’s hubby surrendered and left the goodies on the podium. LOL …The children masing-masing berebut, takut kehabisan bah. When the function is over, they berebut again, this time for the balloon decorated on the ceiling. After that, we’re supposed to attend hubby’s friend garden wedding at Lembah Impian Resort, but we’re too exhausted to go.

However, we attended their reception at KDCA Hall yesterday. It was a nice one, although not many guests attended. The setting was quite interesting and a bit different from other weddings, the lights were dimmed, so the backdrop with all the blue lights really stood-out. I should have snapped some pics and let them do the talking. But I didn’t…am too occupied with daughter’s antics. She wants to explore he whole dewan…excited that she can walk already *sigh * The 3-piece band was good too…they belted some popular songs in harmony accompanied by acoustic guitars and the upright bass. It sure was an evening to remember. And of course, as well as the Sumazau, the Poco-Poco dance was also performed.

Congratulations to the bride and groom, Didi & Jojo!! :)


Happy belated bobday to ur dear Van Van, Mia! Ingatkan buli la baby kita tersama bobday kunun... hahahahah...

tq. Muahahaha..makin nakal suda sumandak sia ni Just :p

Happy birthday to Van..basar sudah dia kan.. :)
Eh mio...kurus sudah ko kan??

tq Ty for d wish. Kurus la mangkali, after cuti ni, my waist bertambah a few inches. Silaka! Blame it on the food...