Busy, busy, busy...

Just as I anticipated, most of the KL staff is back from their Raya leave. So today, I am in busy mode. It’s been hectic since this morning, no peace at all. I was bombarded by calls from them, asking latest updates on some out-standing cases. A few colleagues even dialed the wrong number, dialed our office no. instead of Kuching’s office no. Co-workers in Sandakan and Tawau help add to my busy-ness also. Thanks guys….* roll eyes*

Got this pic from http://www.shutterstock.com

All this busy-ness is related to EON updating their SAP system, ALL branches nationwide at a time ya. In turn, we need to dispatch our techs to attend to it pronto. Whichever not attended today, have to get it rescheduled to tomorrow, to the day after tomorrow etc…

Only now, I’m able to relax a bit but still need got a handful task to clear. Now I’m having this throbbing headache (courtesy of the bombarding calls). The nape of my neck is also aching… for sitting too long facing the computer. Hmm…despite being busy, I managed to drop one or two comment on some blog during lunch hour. Hehe…sempat juga bah.

I guess, I’ll end my day with pain in my head and neck…


wah busy betul ko ah mama mia, sia membaca post ko pun smpi berpeluh2..heheee tp mcm ni la kerja kan. klu pd sia, time plg sia suka ialah timer kerja, sbb klu sia kerja otak sia fokus apa yg sia buat dan sia tdk terfikir benda2 yg menyakitkan hati, masalah2 peribadi dsb..klu di opis busy, inda sedar sudah time pulang..heeee anyway happy working mama mia..

hi urang ranau, kerja mmg gini la kn. tp yg sia plg nda suka tu yg balik2 kna call, pa mcm itu, ini. bikin panas butul bah dgr bunyi fon, balik2 berdering. :(

ok sudah ko dari kebusyan ko?? :)