Good Samaritan

This incident happened a few weeks ago. As hubby and I drove by this particular road in Penampang, we saw this poor man lying at the roadside under the morning sun. At first, we just passed by, like the other drivers as we were in a rush to meet somebody. Hoping that someone will stop-by, but nope, nobody bothered to do so. Me in the car, felt so guilty..the guilt was so over-whelming that I persuaded hubby to go back and check the poor man if he is okay. The man seemed to be fast asleep and we didn’t dare to wake him up. Mana la tau he mengamuk pulak suddenly…or worse, so terkejut that he might run to the middle of the road. Eee…touch wood. Don’t want to take that risk! So, we made a U-turn and went to the nearest Police Station (PS).

It was my first time at a PS…never before in my life I sat a foot in any PS…*grin* After leaving our name, contact no., and the man location, off we went to our meeting. Let the police take care of the poor man. I was very happy that we have done a good deed that day. *smile*

Oh yes, I forgot to mentioned, 30 minutes earlier, we saw this same man walking outside a coffee shop…with his dirty clothes..looks like a security guard uniform and some injury on his face, from the way he walked, I guess he probably had enjoyed some montoku earlier…and its not even noon time yet! Cis, buat malu urang kita saja….

An hour later, when we were on our way back, the man was no longer at the roadside. Instead, he has shifted to another spot, outside somebody’s gate. Don’t know la what happened in between, either he refused to be sent home by the police or the police didn’t do their job. Anyway, he was a lot more safer at the new spot…not to mentioned that it was more comfortable too as it was shaded by a tree. I didn’t manage to snap a pic though. So, like that la the story of two Good Samaritan…. :)


Well, at least you did go to the PS kan, so whether they did something or not, we'd never know.

Sometimes susah ba skrang, kadang kita mo tolong, tapi urang pikir kita sibuk pula kan. Mo tolong susah, inda mo tolong pun susah juga :)

Hehe..dpt juga melawat PS.

Its human nature la Nessa..urang ni mcm2 perangai.