Have you seen this ball?

This particular orange fur ball name is Mojako. It’s one of the Japanese anime dubbed in Bahasa. It was aired in our TV 3 or NTV 7, quite a long time ago, perhaps 10 years ago I guess. Back then, I was already in my secondary school and I still love to watch cartoon…*LOL*. Until now, I still watch cartoon occasionally. Why I love Mojako so much?? Most probably bcos he’s sooo cute, plus, the theme song sound so cheeky and full of fun. Despite the fact that it’s in Japanese and I don’t understand a word of it, nothing can stop me from loving it. *LOL *
As I remember, Mojako together with his siblings, are aliens stranded in planet Earth after their spaceship crashed-landed on Earth. They were befriended by two young boys and together; they look for their way to their aliens’ homeland. Hmm..I don’t remember if they made it or not. Don’t even remember when the show ended. :(

Just like Doraemon, Mojako is special too…he has the power to suck-in wind and be inflated, like a balloon. He’s even cuter in this shape I tell you. But when he came in contact with water, he’ll get flatten, soo flat that he can be blown by wind.

Hmmm…how I miss Mojako & gang and their adventure. What about you then, do you have your favourite anime? Here’s the theme song for your listening pleasure…or rather my listening pleasure. Muahahaha…. moja moja!


Mojako?? Macam sia perna dengar seja...

Actually sia paling geram dengar katun yang kena dubbed. But Doraemon memang special, as well as Crayon Shin Chan!! Haha

hehe..suara katun yg kana dubbed ni mcm sama saja semua kn ;)

heheh ya ba sama seja kali ahli suara tu katun kan tu la sama ja suma hehe..moja mojaaa..ee lama suda sa nda tingu, hehe..