12 months, 2 weeks, 3 days

Daughter Vanessa is officially 12 months old on 05th October. Hehe…looks like I kept postponing this post. Apa-apa pun here it is. Despite being a chubby baby, I must say that daughter develops quite fast, compare to both her cousins that are of same age.

Here, I proudly present her achievement:-

~ weight = 9.67kg, height = 82cm
~ able to walk without support …hmm, not perfectly but yeah, she can walk and now start to run as well :)
~ can climb on the sofa and tackle the stairs…giving us headache..
~ babbles a lot …some time it sounds like – Da-da-da or Ta-ta-ta ; other time, I can't make out of it, I just don't understand baby talk
~ join in the laugh…her laughter sounds so cute that it make us laugh even more…
~ can put her toys inside the box when asked…after a minute or two, one by one it’ll be scattered back on the floor...*sigh*
~ imitate action eg answering the HP (she’ll put anything in her hand onto her ear and pretend it's a HP), whistling (for her, 'ooo-ooo" only la ...), changing the TV channel (she suka-suka press the button, some time ngam juga the channel)
~ imitate sounds eg Grandma coughing, the angsa/goose sound…
~ understands simple requests eg hold out toys, giving a kiss, wave bye-bye, clap her hands & main mata


besar sudah van..campin juga dia turun tangga tu mio??? :)

hai mama mia hehe..kiutnya ur baby daughter eee..best ada anak kan, sa pun mau la, aisehmennn. mcm sinang jak baa hehee..anyway take care ah :)

sama pla nama anak ko sama sa ni kan, heeh baru sa perasan aisehmennn hehehe

ih takut sia nampak time dia turun tangga..selalu klu budak2 yg baru pandai berjalan..tiap langkah dia mcm sakt jantung sia nampak, mcm mo terjatuh sj..tp sebenarnya tidak kan..ini based on my own experience, banyak adik worrr..btw cute la girl ko..

kadus ~ hmm..since dia besar suda trus soalan bonus-bila mo kc adik? pn bertubi2...ceh! risau bah sia ni psl hobby baru dia naik turun tangga ni..takut jatuh.

kobie~ Tq. bah pa lg, kawin la cepat2 spy dpt anak cepat..hehe. sia suka bah nama Vanessa...:)

urang ranau ~ tu la psl, misti mo supervise selalu takut jatuh bah..