Wah, only 5 days absent , I felt like a year already…how I miss my blog! Been quite busy lately with work and personal errands. When I finally got some free time yesterday, my PC at home malfunctioned pulak..Ceh! How frustrating! Grrr….

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was preoccupied with an assignment. Hmm, it’s not exactly my own, I was “helping” a friend’s friend to do her assignment. The assignment was on the Principles of Microeconomics. Well, since my friend said it required only basic knowledge and reference book will be provided, plus having taken Economics as an additional subject in SPM ; I accepted it with arms wide open, after only a quick glance at the questions. When I started to go through the questions properly…I was mong cha-cha, my brain went blank…no idea at all on how to answer it. Adeiii! * A slap on the forehead* I was already considering to return it ..but in the end, I did exactly the opposite. I decided to give it a try…haha

BESIDES some basics, e.g the law of supply and demand, market equilibrium, price elasticity, cost etc; one ALSO need a firm understanding on the concepts and the applications in order to answer the questions. *sigh* So for 4 days, I struggled between works and spent my spare time in the office studying and refreshing my rusty memory..(my last encounter with Economics was in 1st Semester at Uni… that was 5 years ago…LOL) trying to come up with the best and comprehensive answers. I was getting paid to do this assignment, and somebody’s grade is depending on it, so it was right for me to give it my best, not cincai-cincai. Otherwise, no more chances to cari makan in the future *grin *

After straining my brain cells for days, finally I managed to finish the final write-up. I was quite satisfied with the output. As agreed, I passed it over safely to my friend aka my agent last Friday so that she can then hand it over to the rightful owner. All the effort, time and energy spent, minus commission for friend (for getting this assignment)….is worth the fee I’ll be getting…probably at the month-end. * wink-wink * can buy something for myself…a new pair of shoes or a handbag perhaps…:p


aiseh!! rajin juga ko buat assignment ah!! at least ada upahnya!! bulih lah beli handbag nanti kan..hehehee

siok jg bah buat assignment, dpt upah + bulih refresh kapla hotak yg suda berkarat ni Ty!

wahhh bagusnya, mesti terer eco ni kan, sya berhempas pulas mau buat tu..eeee..nda mau lg sa ambi tu subjek, bikin sakit utak sa hehehe..bah, buli la sa minta tulung klu ada asgmt ni kan?hehe..kasi diskaun kawan2 buli ka mama?heheeh

sia pun tulung my colleague bikin her assignments juga. economics jg...but this time mcm sia mo struggle psl busy sikit with school works...trus mcm susah sia mau cari time mo research for the assignment. hope i can hand in to her by this friday.

kobie ~ terer apa? berpeluh2 mah bikin tu assignment..LOL. psl diskaun, bulih bah kalu kau kobie :p

chegu ~ tu la yg susah kan kalu kita pun ngam2 byk keja. bah all d best to u chegu..bulih bah ko kasi siap tu by Friday