Wedding Anniversary

Last night, hubby and I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary by dining out at Brass Monkey Café & Bar at Lintas Plaza. Hubby was craving for steak. It was our first time there.

King Kong Steak

We both order the Dinner Set. Hubby had the King Kong Steak with Black Pepper Sauce cooked to perfection well done. Hey, don’t freak-out ya…it’s not King Kong meat! It’s only the term used to refer to the steak size, I guess. Besides King Kong, they also have the Queen Kong Steak.

BBQ Spring Chicken

Me, on the other hand, ordered the BBQ Spring Chicken, also with Black Pepper Sauce. Hehe..we’re a fan of black pepper sauce!

Fresh Salad and Mushroom Soup..yummylicious!

Our dinner set include, a bowl of Fresh Salad and Mushroom Soup, Fried Ice Cream and Bread Pudding for desserts. There were at least five varieties of desserts to choose from but these two were the most alluring. The drinks choices were very impressive as well, juices and a wide variety of wine. We had the Watermelon Juice and Iced Lemon Tea plus the Skyjuice. Skyjuice is FOC by the way…:)
Fried Ice Cream

Bread Pudding...very sweet.

The BBQ Chicken was a bit too spicy for me. If only I knew the chicken was already spicy, I’ll go for the Mushroom Sauce instead. Normally, I can tolerate well to hot and spicy food..but not last night.

Overall, the environment, open air style Café is nice, the Steak was great and the Soup was yummy. But not the BBQ Chicken. For me, the Nando’s Hot Peri-Peri Chicken taste better. Whatever it is, we still went home with a full stomach.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring along my camera. Cis!!! So have to rely on my handphone camera lor. So, pardon the poor quality of the pics ya..


yay!! happy anniversary to u and hubby!!!!
Sedapnya lah bah kamu punya makanan tu..hehee

Food doesn;t look that great...but it's the thought that counts. Happy 2nd Anniversary...and lots and lots of anniversaries to come!

yup! you can never go wrong with brass monkey's choice of the presentation as well. but sia blm pernah try tu fried ice cream oh...must keep that in mind the next time i go there.

happy wdg anniversary!

kadus ~ Tq. The ayam nda sedap...

STP ~ don't really impressed wt the food presentation..but like u said, it's the thought that count. Thanxs..

chegu ~ do try the ice cream goreng..yummy!

Hey, hepi 2nd anniversary Mama Mia and hubby! :D

Wah, makan sedap2 ya... where's the candle? Kasi romantic setting ba :)

Tq Nessa.Aisey lupa pulak minta candle..hehe...